I Refused to Attend My Cousin’s Wedding Because of Her Fiancé’s Behavior Towards Me

A Reddit user asked the community if they were in the wrong for refusing to attend their cousin’s wedding after the fiancé has made several comments towards her.

Shared Close Relationship

OP’s cousin, 26F and OP, 24, have always shared a close relationship. OP was thrilled to learn about her cousin’s engagement to her longtime boyfriend.

However, upon meeting him for the first time, OP was caught off guard by his behavior towards her.

During the meeting, he made several unpleasant comments and behaved in a manner that appeared to be deliberately confrontational towards OP.

She Voiced Her Concerns

OP brought up her concerns to her cousin, but her cousin simply brushed it off as her fiancé’s “sense of humor” and assured OP that he didn’t intend to hurt her feelings.

In the following months, his behavior towards OP became increasingly hostile. He frequently made derogatory remarks about her appearance and intelligence and frequently interrupted or talked over her during group gatherings.

OP attempted to address the issue with her cousin once more, but her cousin became defensive and accused OP of overreacting. She insisted that her fiancé’s behavior was simply meant as a joke, and that OP needed to develop a sense of humor.

Agreed to be Bridesmaid

Despite her reservations, OP ultimately agreed to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. However, tensions reached a boiling point on the day of the wedding.

While getting ready for the wedding, the cousin’s fiancé made a particularly hurtful comment about OP’s weight.

In response, OP snapped and confronted him, expressing her exhaustion with his constant belittlement and need for maturity.

Overheard the Argument

The cousin overheard the argument and intervened, imploring OP to apologize and attempt to reconcile for the remainder of the day.

OP refused to apologize and stated that she could not condone a relationship in which one partner constantly belittled and disrespected the other.

OP stated that she could not attend the wedding with a clear conscience and that she would be leaving.

She Blamed Her for Ruining Her Special Day

The cousin was distraught and blamed OP for ruining her special day. The family members were divided on the issue, with some supporting OP’s decision and others suggesting that she should have remained quiet for the sake of family unity.

Many Reddit users support OP’s decision to stand up to her cousin’s fiancé, acknowledging the bravery it took to confront his bullying.

They criticized the family members who stood by and enabled the groom’s behavior, suggesting that they were the true AHs.

Some users expressed concern for the cousin’s well-being, as they believed that the groom was likely abusive towards her as well.

Allowing Her Fiancé to Act Rude

One user wrote “NTA. Your cousin is completely dismissing your feelings while allowing her fiancé to act rude and disrespectful to her own family member.

Behavior like that shouldn’t be just brushed off or excused, I would have went off on her, too. It sucks that it all had to happen on her day, but obviously she could have intervened long before as well.”

Several users argued that the cousin’s dismissal of OP’s concerns was unacceptable, and that her decision to prioritize her fiancé’s feelings over her own family was concerning.

Leaving the Wedding

While some users felt that OP’s decision to leave the wedding was understandable, others criticized her for potentially ruining the special day.

However, most agreed that it was important for OP to prioritize her own emotional well-being and stand up to bullying, rather than “keeping the peace” at the expense of her own happiness.

What do you think? Was OP’s actions justifiable?

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