“I Want a Seasoned Pro”: Gov Gavin Newsom Dismisses Claims Biden is Too Old – “Ageism Is Wrong”

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom shared his thoughts about President Joe Biden’s mental state and Vice President Kamala Harris’ job performance during a Monday interview with Dana Bash on CNN. 

He came to President Biden’s defense amid concerns over Biden’s age and his possible reelection, saying he wants a “seasoned pro.” Here are the details of the conversation.

Quality of Youth

In the interview, Bash asked Newsom if he believed that Biden’s advanced age should give voters a “reason to be concerned.”

“Voters have every right to be concerned,” Newsom replied. “I remember Bobby Kennedy said it best: what the world needs are the qualities of youth, not a time of life, but a state of mind. A quality of imagination.”

At 80, Biden is the oldest U.S. president. If reelected in 2024, he would be 86 at the end of his second term.

In recent weeks, multiple polls have indicated a growing concern among voters over Biden’s age and ability to carry out a second term.

Would He Last?

Newsom was responding to Bash’s question over a recent CBS News/YouGov survey, which found only about a third of U.S. registered voters surveyed said they think Biden would finish a second term if re-elected.

“I couldn’t imagine three years ago that this president could accomplish so much in such a short period of time, I mean that,” Newsom said. “If this political season is all about a celebrity, with all due respect, we had a celebrity for four years. It didn’t go well.”

“There’s simply no administration in my lifetime that’s been more effective,” he added.

A Seasoned Pro?

“I want a seasoned pro that knows how to get things done,” Newsom said in the interview. “I’m a little old-fashioned. I want a guy who produces results, and the results are in, it’s been a masterclass.” was his opinion.

When asked if Biden will be able to convince the American people that he has the vitality to handle a second term, Newsom said, “That’s his job and responsibility as the head of our party.”

He continued, “It’s about bringing a team together.”

Doubts Over Kamala Harris

Bash later brought up that Nancy Pelosi refused to answer if Kamala Harris is the “best” person to be Biden’s running mate. Bash asked Newsom the same question.

“Of course she is,” Newsom said. “Biden-Harris administration. Masterclass in terms of performance,” he said, citing bipartisan deals on infrastructure, guns, and the debt ceiling. “The answer is absolutely.”

Bash asked Newsom about the allegations that Hunter Biden and his father’s involvement in his business deals. “Do you see anything inappropriate there?” she probed.

The Hunter Problem

Newsom said that he needs to learn more about the details of Hunter’s business dealings to draw a conclusion. He noted that many people across many industries often try to leverage their family connections for personal benefit.

“That’s hardly unique. I don’t love that anymore than you love it or other people I imagine love that. We want to see a lot less of that, but an impeachment inquiry? Give me a break,” Newsom said.

There were hundreds of opinions in response to this interview on social media.

A popular thought came from one user: “Gavin Newsom is going to be the Presidential Nominee for the Democrats someday. You can book it!”

Change the Record

“All you ever talk about is Biden’s age. You are mean and pathetic.” harped another.

A third had a similar mindset:” Sick of hacks asking about Biden’s age but not Trumps. Our media are failures.”

The responses were also critical of the CNN approach, !You’ve got nothing else to stick Biden with. Meantime the other side puts forward a twice-impeached, quarce-indicted, guilty of rape, banged and paid off a porn star, multiple divorces and bankruptcies, stole classified documents and almost an election, mobster.” was voiced by a reader.

“Gavin Newsom is hands down the most effective surrogate for Biden Harris.” was the opinion of another user on X.

“Ageism Is Wrong”

The situation was summed up by this post: “Ageism is wrong on so many levels.”

Newsom, who has long been considered a possible contender for president, has repeatedly said he will not run for the White House in 2024, even if Biden doesn’t run for reelection.

Newsom reaffirmed to Bash he will not run for the 2024 presidency, “No, I’m not that guy, I’m just not.”

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