“I Worry About Democracy”: Governor Newsom Raises the Alarm on Trump and Desantis in Explosive Interview

In a no-holds-barred interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom raised the alarm on the dangers Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis posed in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race.

Newsom: Desantis Is “Functionally Authoritarian”

Newsom labeled DeSantis as “functionally authoritarian,” but believes Trump’s vengeful nature poses an even graver threat to democracy.

“I worry about democracy,” Newsom expressed concern about the rise of autocracy not just in the U.S. but around the world.

Newsom also pointed to Trump’s quest for revenge as a significant concern, particularly if he secures victory in the 2024 general election, “The vengeance in Donald Trump’s heart right now is more of a threat.”

Concern About Authoritarian Tendencies in Republican Frontrunners

As a rising star in the Democratic party, Newsom voiced worry about the authoritarian tendencies that can be seen from both candidates.

Newsom then committed to working with Trump’s administration if he wins, emphasizing the importance of putting the people’s needs first, “Many support him. I’m not going to oppose someone just to oppose them — I don’t come into a relationship with closed fists, but an open hand.”

Shade on Desantis’s Handling of COVID Crisis

The California Governor unleashed his harshest criticism on DeSantis, specifically targeting his handling of lockdowns and mask mandates in Florida.

Newsom criticized DeSantis’s response to the pandemic and relief efforts, “I don’t like the partisanship. And I thought it was demonstrably displayed by what I thought was a very weak exercise by Governor DeSantis.”

Highly Anticipated Televised Debate

Newsom and DeSantis gear up for a highly anticipated televised debate, setting the stage for a fiery exchange of ideas on a public platform.

Discussions on debate logistics continue, with Newsom open to a “two-on-one” debate format moderated by Fox personality Sean Hannity.

Newsom Reaffirmed Support for Biden

Speculation on potential Democratic candidates in the 2024 presidential election is up in the air, with Newsom asserting his commitment to supporting President Biden.

Newsom insisted on a “very good relationship” with Vice President Kamala Harris, showing unity within the Democratic party, which is more than can be said for the Republicans.

Expressing confidence in President Biden’s intentions to run, Newsom reaffirmed his support for the Biden-Harris administration, saying he’s “looking forward to him getting reelected.”

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