“I Would Never Hurt My Dogs”, She Fears for Her Relationship After Husband’s Shocking Accusation, “Don’t Shoot Our Dogs”

This woman worries about her relationship with her husband since he accused her of aiming Nerf guns at their beloved dogs. She knows she would never do that, and she can’t believe he would accuse her of such a thing! Now she’s turned to Reddit to see whether she’s overreacting.

He Stumbled Upon Their Old Stash of Nerf Guns

It all started innocently enough when her husband, Geoffrey, decided to clean out the garden shed.

To his surprise, he stumbled upon their old stash of Nerf guns and decided to bring them out, placing them on the patio table. Little did he know the chaos that would follow.

As they sat on the patio, reminiscing about the past, she picked up one of the Nerf guns.

“Don’t Shoot Our Dogs”

Before she could even pull the trigger, Geofrrey interrupted with a strange warning: “Don’t shoot our dogs.”

Why would her husband think she would do such a mean thing?

They had been together for 15 years, so she couldn’t help but question his lack of faith.

Feeling frustrated and hurt, Helena confronted Geofrrey, seeking an explanation for his outrageous remark.

She Would Never Pull the Trigger!

His defense was that she had aimed the Nerf gun at him and the dog.

But she argued that she was simply holding it in front of her. Naturally, it pointed towards them due to their seating arrangement.

Besides, even if she did aim it, she would never pull the trigger!

His second line of defense was even stranger.

He Had Been Taught About Gun Safety

Geoffrey claimed that his outburst was a reflex because he had been taught about gun safety while Helena hadn’t.

But let’s not forget that they live in Denmark, where encounters with real guns are incredibly rare.

The conflict remained unresolved as they failed to find common ground.

The wife is left wondering if her husband’s accusations were justified or if it was unnecessary drama over harmless play.

“It Sounds Like You’re Looking for a Reason To Be Offended”

Turning to Reddit for answers, the comments told them the hard truth!

One user admitted, “It sounds like you’re looking for a reason to be offended.”

Another told the woman, “You shouldn’t point a gun (Nerf or otherwise) at people/animals. Even if you weren’t ‘aiming.'”

Who was in the wrong here? Let us know in the comments.

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