“I’ll Be the Dad Arrested for Snatching Them Out the Pool” Fox News Star Makes Shocking Claims About Trans Kids in His Daughter’s Swimming Meets

Retired wrestler and Fox News contributor Tyrus sparked outrage with a dangerous and hateful comment regarding trans kids in swimming pools, telling the audience what he would do if he came across a trans child competing in one of his daughter’s swimming meets.

Stunning Comments

Retired wrestler Tyrus made a comment against trans kids during a Fox News segment, leaving viewers stunned.

During a Gutfeld! episode on Fox News, Tyrus directed a threatening comment toward trans kids participating in swimming events, specifically the trans kids who swim in the same pool as his daughters.

Tyrus Defended Riley Gaines

The segment featured Riley Gaines, a former competitive swimmer and anti-trans activist, who discussed recent comments from Keith Olbermann, who called Gaines a “nasty, stupid, unsuccessful transphobe” who “sucked at swimming.”

Tyrus addressed the situation by defending Gaines, saying, “The comment to say she sucked, right? She did fight a trained man in a swimming pool to a draw, and he had her by weight, muscle, and length. That’s pretty [censored] impressive. Let’s not forget that.” 

Referencing an NCAA Division I national championship, Tyrus insinuated negativity towards transgender athlete Lia Thomas.

He Might “Snatch” One Out of the Pool

Tyrus suggested he would physically intervene if a trans child were to swim at the same meet as his daughters, suggesting he would “snatch” the trans child out of the pool at a meet.

“My daughters all swim,” he noted, “I go to as many meets as I can, and I’m watching because I’ll be the dad to get arrested for snatching one out of the pool,” Tyrus claimed.

The Fox News contributor further vilified trans athlete Lia Thomas about her win in the 200m Freestyle, “A lot of women would have probably been a little intimidated because I’m sure he was doing what men do, intimidate, stare down, all that type — if you watch it back.”

Concern Over Trans Athletes Undermining Women’s Sports

Tyrus promoted the belief that trans athletes are attempting to undermine women’s sports, deepening the rift in this ongoing debate.

Lia Thomas shared her perspective, arguing that trans athletes don’t transition to “steal” medals but to be their “authentic” selves.

The incident occurred during a concerning rise in anti-trans legislation across multiple states in the United States and came after a surge in laws restricting gender-affirming care and freedom of expression in some states.

Mixed Reviews

Tyrus’s comments triggered a wave of condemnation and outrage on social media, along with others who expressed their agreement with the former wrestler.

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