“One Word Turned Into a Page.” Illiterate and Abused – Now He’s Making a Difference for Himself and Others

A heartwarming story shared by a TikToker who was abused at school has gone viral. Due to the abuse, he never learned to read, but now his determination has captured the hearts of millions, gaining special rewards along the way.

“I Can’t Read”

Oliver James, known as @oliverspeaks1, shared his life-changing journey on TikTok.

Last year, he began with a candid video: “What’s up! I can’t read.”

With over 130,000 TikTok followers now, James shares his reading journey.

James remembers a follower’s question about why he couldn’t read. He said, “I didn’t really think deep into it – until now.”

Special Ed Abuse 

James recalls tough times: “In elementary school, I was in special education.”

He explains, “They used to put their hands on us… school felt confusing.”

James wanted to escape, thinking, “I was going to school thinking ‘what’s going on?'”

Trying to cope, he even thought about getting kicked out of school on purpose.

Starting With a Single Word

In a viral video, he plans to read 100 books in 2023 and share reviews.

On Good Morning America, James talks about his TikTok journey, capturing the hearts of the world.

“I usually push play and do my videos,” he shared, “I went out and read one word. One word turned into a page.”

His open posts have almost a million likes, even getting publishing company Barnes & Noble’s attention.

An Inspired Gift

Barnes & Noble gifts more books for James’ collection in a heartwarming display of love.

Oliver hopes his journey will inspire those less fortunate that they can also do anything they put their minds to.

TikTok users became emotional in their responses, “I am crying right now. For you and for every child put into the special education system who is abused and made to feel as they are the problem.”

“You are so brave. Thanks for sharing your story.” one user said.

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