“I’m Not Putting Up With This!” He SCREAMS at This Out of Control Child in a Restaurant While His Mom Does Nothing – Too Far?

A group of college students went out for lunch, and when a child in the restaurant becomes rambunctious, this guy yells at the child until he cried.

Celebratory Lunch

A recent dining experience at a local restaurant turned out to be quite eventful for a group of college friends. The group had just finished their exams and celebrated their success over lunch at a nearby eatery, which they frequented for semi-special occasions. 

As they waited for their food to arrive, two women walked in with a baby and a young child, around 7 to 10 years old.

Disruptive Child

Initially, the child was playing with the baby and making a bit of noise, which the group of friends didn’t mind, as they were all chatting and making noise themselves. Things took a turn when the child started to wander around the restaurant and became disruptive. 

He wanted to read the signs near the door, then near the back, and then suddenly, he wanted to go to the bathroom or outside. The child was running around and yelling, and the women accompanying him did nothing to stop him.

Running in Circles

The situation became more annoying when the child started to run circles around the group of friends, even accidentally hitting one of their chairs. 

One of the friends, a 21-year-old male, decided to intervene and stop the child. He explained that the child’s behavior was inappropriate and that he should sit down and wait until he was home to run around. 

“Wait Outside”

He also told him he’ll make him wait outside alone if he doesn’t behave. He thought he was doing this in a calm tone, but apparently, he was screaming at the kid. 

The child started to cry, and his mother came in to confront the young man.

Manage Your Kid Please!

The young man told her he wouldn’t have had to do anything if she had properly managed her kid. A staff member intervened and tried to mediate the situation.

In the end, the woman and her child left, and the young man’s friends commended him for speaking up, but also noted that he had raised his voice too much. They also considered complaining to management about the disruptive child.

Now he wonders if he was wrong for speaking directly to the child. 

Threatened a Little Boy

“You threatened him with being left outside all alone until he cried, and you still don’t know if you were an AH? Unbelievable, dude. YTA. Just complain to the wait staff next time and have them deal with it.”

“By your own friends’ admission, you overstepped your bounds in a big way. Learn to control your own behavior before you presume to dictate the same to a child.”

What do you think? Should he have just kept it to himself or was the mother not doing a good job of making sure her child was respecting a public space?

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