In a State That Allows No Spanking, He Punished His Mom Hitting Son by Making Him Carry Gallons of Water Across Their Yard

Viral TikTok video features a “Gen-X dad” who replaces spankings with an encouraging method of disciplining his 4-year-old son, sparking discussions on modern parenting.

Discovering the Modern Approach To Parenting

Parenting in the digital age brings forth many new challenges with traditional methods often giving way to new-age approaches. 

TikTok, as a popular platform for sharing personal experiences and garnering viral attention, has become a stage for parents to showcase their unique parenting styles. 

Among them is Derek Longstreth, affectionately known as @hamburgerjones23 on TikTok, who considers himself a “Gen-X dad” with a distinctive outlook on discipline. 

In a now-viral video shared in July 2023, Derek unveiled an alternative method of disciplining his 4-year-old son that has since captured the attention and curiosity of the online community.

He Opted for an Unconventional Approach

Breaking away from the conventional practice of spankings, Derek opted for a thought-provoking and unconventional approach to deal with a challenging situation involving his young son. 

Rather than resorting to physical punishment, he devised a punishment where the 4-year-old was required to carry seven one-gallon water jugs back and forth across their lawn. 

The penalty was imposed after the boy had hit his mom, and Derek saw an opportunity to instill a valuable lesson about the consequences of one’s actions.

The video showcases Derek sharing his thought process with viewers, expressing his struggle with the limitations imposed by the state of Wisconsin.

“We’re Not Allowed to Spank”

“We’re not allowed to spank in the state of Wisconsin because there [are] some [liberals] saying there [are] better ways,” he said in the clip.

Despite his initial inclination towards a more traditional disciplinary action, Derek embraced the idea of exploring non-physical measures and giving his son a chance to comprehend the gravity of his actions.

Throughout the video, Derek’s unwavering love and concern for his son shine through, as he provides gentle yet firm words of affirmation during the water jug exercise.

“I love you, son. But we do not hit women in this family, sorry,” he says.

Age-Appropriate Discipline

The heartwarming and encouraging approach, coupled with a touch of humor, captures the essence of Derek’s parenting style, which prioritizes teaching valuable life lessons over instilling fear-based discipline.

As the video gained immense attention across social media, it sparked diverse reactions and discussions on modern parenting practices. 

Many users commended Derek for adopting an age-appropriate and constructive method of discipline, highlighting the potential impact of encouragement and empathy in fostering positive behavioral changes. 

Comments poured in from parents who appreciated Derek’s approach, citing the importance of teaching children values beyond immediate punishment.

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Parenting Practices

While gentle parenting gains traction as an alternative to more traditional disciplinary methods, Derek’s viral video exemplifies the ever-evolving landscape of parenting practices in the digital age. 

With an increasing emphasis on positive reinforcement, open communication, and nurturing connections with children, parents like Derek are reshaping the way discipline is perceived and implemented. 

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