In Fury, He Let Out a Secret Which Shocked His Religious Family After Vowing Not To Tell Anyone

Family can be complicated, and sometimes we find ourselves facing difficult situations where our values clash with those of our relatives. In a recent Reddit post, a person shares their dilemma after calling their cousin by her Tinder name during a heated family discussion about religion. Here’s the full story.

The Brothers Stumbled Across a Secret

The Original Poster (OP) aged 18 and his 21-year-old brother came across a secret a few years ago.

The OP shares the incident where he was at the movies and he received around seven calls from his brother and he left a voicemail that was extremely hysterical.

When OP reached home, his brother tossed his phone at OP and he checked it out. There was a Tinder profile of their married 31-year-old cousin with a different name.

OP browsed the account and saw that it was actually her. She lied about her age and posted inappropriate photographs and videos which traumatized OP. 

He Vowed to Never Tell Anyone

OP and his brother swore to never tell anyone about this because they did not know what to do with the information.

OP kind of remained in denial for a while and resisted accepting it until a few days later as she was OP’s favorite cousin and everyone in the family loved her.

A few days later, OP was driving together with his cousin and he took a look at her phone which was unlocked, and that Tinder was available on her screen. But as soon as she realized it was unlocked, she seized it and turned it off.

She and her spouse were going through a difficult time and they briefly separated before deciding to be divorced. However, after a while, they decided to get back together.

She Was Often on ‘Work Trips’

But during this time, she was traveling across the country to meet up with random men, and her excuse was that it was a “work trip.”

The problem began when the cousin attempted to preach to OP about religion while disagreeing with OP over his refusal to follow any religious interests because they are not a top concern.

OP said he is concentrating on college as a STEM student and he has no time for himself.

But his cousin kept on preaching and then OP got annoyed and said in front of his whole family, “You’re the last person to be preaching religion to me” and mentioned her Tinder name.

“Why Are You Calling Her That?”

She lowered her head and grew silent, but everyone around was baffled. Her husband questioned OP why he was calling her that as he stared at her in confusion.

OP remained silent even though he was barraged with questions when she abruptly left without saying anything.

OP had to inform his mother in the end, and she told OP that he shouldn’t have said that.

Now OP felt bad about what happened and he took to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong.

She Has To Deal With the Consequences of Her Actions

Several Redditors commented that OP was not wrong and that his cousin is dealing with the consequences of her actions.

One Reddit user wrote, “You didn’t out her maliciously, it was in the heat of the moment with her badgering you. Also, you didn’t come out and say it all to everyone either. You found the info inadvertently and didn’t have a real obligation to keep her secret, to begin with. She’s the duplicitous one.”

Another Redditor commented, “I was so prepared to say YTA and that it was none of your business especially since they were separated at that point. However, when she threw the religious stuff into it and wouldn’t stop I changed my mind. NTA and she shouldn’t throw stones when she lives in a glass house.”

So what are your thoughts? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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