Influencer Emma Claiir Reveals Her Dark Past – The Cat Murders That Shattered Her Online Empire!

Emma Claiir, a popular lifestyle influencer and self-proclaimed “mummy blogger,” has faced much hate and decided to quit social media for admitting on a podcast that she killed two cats when she was younger.

She Killed Two Cats

Why? Well, it all started when she made a shocking confession that made people attack her.

While on a podcast, Claiir spilled the beans about something disturbing from her past.

She shared that when she was a kid, she accidentally caused the death of not one but two cats, one of which she accidentally killed at the late age of nine.

Claiir admitted, “I killed my cat,” but she wanted everyone to know it was not on purpose.

“I Didn’t Understand That Swinging a Cat Around Like a Toy Could Be Dangerous”

She explained that she was young and didn’t understand that swinging a cat around like a toy could be dangerous.

Sadly, the poor cat got so scared that it passed away, resulting in her sister not talking to her for months, and her mum was really mad.

Claiir also dropped another bombshell by saying, “And if you really want to know more about me, I also killed my best friend’s cat.”

Not only did her fans get upset, but even brands that she worked with decided to cut ties with her.

“It Was All Just a Joke and People Needed To Calm Down”

Claiir tried to defend herself by saying it was all just a joke and people needed to calm down.

Claiir had to step up and apologize seriously, finally admitting that it wasn’t a joke and that it was a very serious matter.

She wasn’t proud of it, and it hurt her and her family a long time ago. Since that podcast episode, Claiir’s life turned completely upside down.

In a long message on Instagram, she spilled the beans about what happened, saying that she recently became a mum to a wonderful baby boy and was excited to share her journey with her followers.

People Started a Witch Hunt Against Her

People started a witch hunt against her, doing everything possible to ruin her life, losing her job, and the impact on her mental health was huge.

She decided to take a break from social media to spend more time with her baby.

Things got even worse when she returned, and people started spreading rumors about her cheating and making up lies to ruin her life.

Even some people she considered close friends joined in on the lies and even shared her private messages online.

She Started Feeling Scared in Her Own Home

It was a breaking point for her, and she started feeling scared in her own home.

She ended up in a really dark and scary place in her mind. As a new mum, it was beyond terrible.

But thankfully, Claiir reached out for help, seeking professional help for her anxiety and depression.

She said, “Goodbye to Emma Claiir, not sure if it’s forever.” However, she wants to be proud of herself and find happiness again.

“She Was 9 at the Time!?! I Expected Her To Have Been 3 or Something but 9!?!”

Unfortunately, people on TikTok were not forgiving of the influencer, with most users believing 9 is old enough to understand not to harm animals.

Another user argued that she shouldn’t have been laughing about the situation, “she was 9 at the time!?! I expected her to have been 3 or something BUT 9!?!”

Isn’t it time to forgive and forget for this new mum who’s trying to move on with her life? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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