Influencer Shares Heartbreaking Story of Her Botched “Energy Angel” Tattoo

Tia Kabir, a 19-year-old TikTok sensation from Australia, embarked on a journey to Bali with a dream tattoo in mind. In the video, we see Tia’s tattoo, which reads, “Energy Angel.” She tearfully  reveals that it was supposed to say “Angel Energy.”

A Tattoo Journey to Bali

The inked reality turned out to be far from her expectations.

The tattoo read “Energy Angel” instead of “Angel Energy.” Tia was left speechless in tears as she shared her heartache with her followers.

Tia’s video quickly gained attention, with over four million views and 127,000 likes in just two days.

While some TikTokers offered their condolences, many others expressed their lack of sympathy.

“I Mean, Angel Energy Isn’t Any Better”

One user said, “Sending you all my Energy you Angel,” before another brutally put, “I mean, angel energy isn’t any better.”

In a later TikTok update, Tia expressed her gratitude for her video’s attention, admitting she found it somewhat exciting.

She joyfully shared that she had her tattoo fixed and now reads “Energy of an Angel.”

Tia thanked her supportive fans for their unconditional love while playfully addressing her “haters.”

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