Inheritance Dispute: Mom Pressures Her to Lie About Uncle’s Wishes So Greedy Bro Can Cash Out

A grieving woman took to Reddit for opinions after she “robbed” her brother of his full inheritance. At least he got to pay court costs, too! Here is the whole story.

Mommy’s Favorite

OP is a 32-year-old woman who has a 35-year-old brother. He was always his mother’s favorite among her three kids.

Whenever he wanted something as a kid, all OP’s brother had to do was pout or throw a tantrum, and their mom would give in to him.

A lot of that behavior and favoritism carried over into adulthood, too. That point became very clear to OP recently when her gay uncle died.

The uncle was her dad’s brother, and they also had another brother and a sister.

Disowned Him Over Sexuality

While OP’s dad was fine with all his siblings, his sister, and other brother pretty much disowned their gay sibling when he came out.

But OP and her family remained close to the now-deceased uncle all through his life. They pretty much were his only family by the end.

That end became inevitable when OP’s uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019. Her dad was devastated by the news and could barely cope with the idea of losing him.

Will Do-Over

Because the dad was having such a hard time, the uncle rewrote his will and asked OP’s older brother to become the executor of his estate.

That thrilled OP’s older brother because he saw an easy payday in his future. All he had to do was keep things in order, and the estate would be his.

But when OP’s uncle passed away a few years later, the family had a big surprise in store.

A Surprising Division

After the funeral, they all convened at the uncle’s house, where OP’s dad opened his brother’s safe. Inside was the updated will.

When they read the will, OP’s brother exploded and knocked everything off the uncle’s desk. Then he stormed out of the house.

OP’s uncle had decided to split his estate four ways, with equal parts going to her, her brother, the uncle’s boyfriend, and cancer research.

He Wanted Half

OP’s brother was furious because he swore his uncle had promised him half the estate. Her brother thought he should get his 50%, with the other half split three ways.

In fact, the brother felt so wrong that he contested his uncle’s will. His lawyer even called OP to the stand.

At one point, OP was asked if she thought her brother should get half her uncle’s money because of the work he did as the executor.

She Told the Truth

But OP was honest and said she and her dad did more for her uncle than her brother ever did.

That sent OP’s brother into another rage, which only got worse when he lost his case.

In the end, the four-way split stood, but OP’s brother had to pay for all the court costs out of his share. He tried to guilt OP into paying those costs, but she shut him down.

Torn Apart by Money

Now, most of the family has turned against OP, and her mother even banned her from Christmas for hurting her “baby.”

And OP’s sister-in-law texted her a picture from a family party where her brother had posted her picture to a dartboard.

OP doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but she’s upset that the family is torn apart by money.

He Got What He Deserved

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and think she made the right call. 

Many of them say that her brother brought a frivolous lawsuit to court and got what he deserved.

Others think OP should work as hard as she can to put it all behind her and stay away from her brother and mother.

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