Innocence at Risk? NC Schools Expose Kids to Steamy, Explicit Reads!

In a North Carolina school district, a contentious debate has emerged surrounding the availability of sexually explicit books to students. Here’s the whole story.

Pervasively Vulgar Materials in Schools

This issue arose during a recent Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) school board meeting, where outraged parents voiced their concerns.

The WCPSS had recently approved a revision to its “selection of instructional materials” policy, which was intended to prevent the inclusion of materials deemed “pervasively vulgar.”

However, the policy left the term “pervasively vulgar” undefined, leading to ambiguity over what types of content would be restricted.

Dana Ramos, a local mother, emerged as one of the vocal critics of the situation.

“What Girls Are Made Of” by Elana K. Arnold Contains Sexually Explicit Content

During the June 6 WCPSS meeting, Ramos emphasized that the issue was not about banning books but ensuring that inappropriate sexual content is not accessible to students within school premises.

She specifically cited the book “What Girls Are Made Of” by Elana K. Arnold as an example of sexually explicit material that she believes should not be available in school libraries.

An analysis conducted by Crisis in the Classroom (CITC) indicated that “What Girls Are Made Of” can be found in multiple high school libraries within the WCPSS.

The book, marketed as an exploration of female identity and imperfections, has sparked controversy due to its depiction of explicit sexual content.

… And Graphic Descriptions of a Teenage Character’s Encounter With Sex

Ramos read a passage from the book during the meeting, drawing attention to its graphic description of a teenage character’s encounter with sex.

Ramos raised a crucial question during her address to the school board: “Why is vulgar erotica in our schools for minors?”

She challenged board members to explain the literary value of such content and how it contributes to academic enrichment.

Many parents at the meeting echoed her sentiments, calling for removing sexually explicit books from school libraries.

Adult-Themed Books Under the Guise of Diversity

The concerns Ramos and other parents voiced were further echoed by North Carolina pastor John K. Amanchukwu Sr., who has been actively addressing sexually explicit library materials in various school districts across the state.

Amanchukwu Sr. criticized the inclusion of what he referred to as adult-themed books under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

He urged the school board to reconsider their approach. He questioned whether such explicit content aligns with the values of education and responsible upbringing.

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts on the incident.

“The Demoralization of Children Is Loud and Clear!”

One Twitter user wrote, “The Demoralization of children is loud and clear!”

Another user added, “Glad parents are finally noticing – this is pervasive, pernicious, pathetic.”

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