Innocent of “Sexual Violence” Insists Mom of Disgraced Spanish Football Chief – Begins Hunger Strike to Protest His “Inhumane” Treatment

Police officers were spotted at a Spanish church where disgraced Spanish football president Luis Rubiales’ mother embarked on a hunger strike.

Mom on Hunger Strike

The ongoing saga surrounding the embattled Spanish FA chief took another surreal turn when his mother, Angeles Bejar, a retired hairdresser, initiated a hunger strike in protest at the church in Motril.

Uniformed officers from Spain’s National Police arrived at the Divina Pastora Church, the backdrop of the unfolding drama involving Luis Rubiales’ mother’s sudden hunger strike, claiming that her son was being treated “inhumanely” by the world media.

Luis Rubiales’ position has been marred by controversy after his unexpected kiss with Spain striker Jennifer Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup trophy presentation.

A Victim of “Faux Feminism”

Luis Rubiales claimed the post-World Cup final kiss was “consensual,” while Jennifer Hermoso denied consenting to a kiss on the lips, saying that she “didn’t enjoy that.” 

What was initially branded as “sexual violence” by left-wing Spanish politicians has escalated into a huge scandal, with the football world urging Rubiales to step down.

In a move that caught attention, Luis Rubiales refused to step down from his post, instead asserting that he was a victim of “faux feminism” and accusing Hermosa of “Lying.”

Would the Police Remove Her?

A cousin of Angeles Bejar, Luis Rubiales’ mother, suspiciously entered the church accompanied by a doctor.

As Luis Rubiales’ relative and the doctor went inside the church, the imposing doors remained shut, with no members of the public currently allowed to enter.

Amidst speculation, it remained unclear why the police had arrived at the church.

There was no immediate indication that they were seeking to forcibly remove Luis Rubiales’ mother from her hunger strike protest.

Childhood Location Scene of Protest

In response to the scandal, the international governing body FIFA provisionally suspended Rubiales for 90 days, sending shockwaves through the Spanish FA and football community.

Motril, the coastal resort in Andalucia, was the very place where Luis Rubiales, the suspended Spanish FA president, spent his childhood, making the location of the hunger strike all the more poignant.

The Spanish FA convened crisis talks to address the escalating situation, even asking the European Footballing body UEFA to remove Barcelona and Real Madrid from the Champions League in a shocking attempt to break away from the European football market.

Shock and Support

Angeles Bejar’s hunger strike was met with shock and support as she protested the ongoing saga, demanding justice for her son.

Angeles Bejar’s sister joined her in her hunger strike with the shared determination to seek what they believe is right and what the rest of the world believes is wrong.

Angeles Bejar boldly demanded that World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso reveal the “truth” about the kiss that led to Rubiales’ suspension.

Global Criticism

The Spanish Women’s coaching team experienced a wave of mass resignations, putting even more pressure on the Spanish FA’s President.

Even beyond Spain’s borders, figures like the England Women’s football team and prominent players like Andres Iniesta and Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez criticized Rubiales’ actions.

As the story of Luis Rubiales, his mother’s hunger strike, and the wider scandal continued to unfold, the world continues to watch in shock to see what comes next.

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