THE ‘Most Insensitive Victory Prize Ever’ Given to Armless Paralympic Medalist – Someone Needs Fired!

The internet was shocked to see a paralympic champion given not one but two prizes that he will never be able to properly use. Luckily, he found the funny side!

Watch for an Armless Man

Spanish para-cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles secured a heartwarming victory at the UCI World Championships held in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 13th. 

What followed his remarkable win was a surprising and arguably misplaced victory prize that has left the world in shock.

As he stood atop the podium, basking in the glory of his achievement, Argiles was presented with a rather unconventional prize – a Tissot watch. 

The issue? Argiles has two amputated arms that stop just above the elbow, making it impossible to wear a watch in the first place.

Both Arms Amputated

The clip of the watch presentation has soared to viral status on the internet, with people reacting both in shock and humor.

Argiles’ journey to becoming a celebrated para-athlete is as remarkable as it is inspiring. 

An unfortunate electrocution incident when he was just eight years old resulted in the amputation of both his arms and one of his legs. 

As he grew older and learned to cope with his new superpower, his spirit and determination propelled him to greatness in the world of athletics. 

Heartwarming Humor

While the tradition of gifting timepieces to winners is deeply rooted in the cycling world, with Tissot the proud sponsor for this particular event, this time, it may have been worth breaking the tradition for a more tasteful prize.

Argiles not only claimed victory in the C1 scratch race but also clinched a gold medal in the road time trial, meaning that he received not one but two watches.

Rather than expressing frustration or disappointment, the 47-year-old Paralympian athlete embraced the gesture with a heartwarming sense of humor. 

Multiple Wins and Records

His genuine acceptance of the watches and his ability to find the funny side of the situation on his social media shows his likable personality.

As if his achievements on a bicycle weren’t enough, it’s important to note that Argiles had already etched his name in Paralympic history in a completely different arena. 

Prior to his cycling career, he established himself as a dominant force in swimming, boasting three Paralympic gold medals and three world titles in para-swimming.

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