Inslee Fariss Net Worth, Biography, Career, Bussiness (Updated)

Inslee Fariss is an artist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Through all of Inslee’s artistic endeavors, she weaves a whimsical and playful thread. She puts lightness into whatever she creates.

Over the last decade, she has had the pleasure of working with both private individuals and large corporations. She enjoys discovering new creative opportunities every day. 

Full NameInslee Fariss 
LocationNew York City/ North Carolina
Instagram Account@inslee
Twitter Account@inslee


Inslee Fariss has discovered a new creative inspiration in Raleigh, North Carolina since she moved there from Manhattan, where she established a business based on her passion for sketching. 

With an air of whimsical creativity, Inslee’s work is distinctive- be it botanical illustrations, fashion illustrations, portraits, invitations, or large-scale abstract art. Through both writing and watercolor, she captivates the viewer with her ability to tell stories.  


Leesburg, Virginia, is Inslee’s hometown. As a junior in high school, she studied fashion illustration at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Her later studies at Washington and Lee University included Art History and Studio Art. During her time at Washington & Lee, Inslee created an online store where she sold her first work – an illustrated collection of stationery featuring sketches of her fashion designs.  


Inslee began taking on commissions after graduation. Several well-known companies began showing interest in her work, primarily in the fashion industry. Social media gave Inslee an easy to remember “handle” and provided her with an ideal platform for sharing her experiences. @inslee grew from a simple Instagram account into a gateway to a world of art and storytelling, providing a real-life glimpse into the artist’s world.  

During her eight years in Manhattan, she created some amazing works, including:

  • She worked for some major brands 
  • Worked as a painter at New York Fashion Week events 
  • She started to teach watercolor illustration classes in Soho from her studio
  • In collaboration with female entrepreneurs, she launched an annual holiday pop-up experience
  • Created new painted calendar collections every year 
  • Experimented with new mediums such as sumi ink, acrylics, and oils 
  • Premiered her fine art figures (Meghan Markle bought one!) 

As an invitation suite designer, she became a resource for brides 

Inslee Fariss net worth

Originally from New York, Inslee Fariss makes looser and softer figurative works reflecting her experience as a fashion illustrator. Currently, her exact net worth is unknown, but her art earns her a good deal of money. The video below shows Inslee’s New York City Apartment: