Is Biden Capable of Empathy without ‘Relatable’ Fabricated or Exaggerated Anecdotes? Deadly Maui Fires Compared to a Time He ALMOST Lost Wife, His Car and His Cat

As Biden made his highly-anticipated visit to the devastated island of Maui, he attempted to resonate with the victims by telling a tale of when a lightning strike caused a kitchen fire in his home.

They Lost Everything

Biden recently visited the island after it was devastated by wildfires this summer, with thousands of residents losing their homes.

In a town called Lahaina, where 114 residents tragically lost their lives in the wildfires this August, Biden attempted to resonate with the survivors.

President Biden revisited a decades-old home fire incident during his address to Maui wildfire survivors, attempting to empathize by sharing a personal ordeal.

Biden’s retelling of the incident aimed to create a connection with the audience, “I don’t want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense — Jill and I — what it’s like to lose a home,” in a story that was received poorly by the outside world.

The president described a small kitchen fire at his home in 2004, an event that local fire officials have consistently characterized as minor and quickly contained.

“Almost Lost My Wife, My ’67 Corvette and My Cat”

Addressing the residents of Maui who lost homes in the wildfires, Biden brought up the fire incident as a point of empathy, claiming, “I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat.”

In his narrative, Biden emphasized the heroic actions of the firefighters who responded to the incident, saying they “Ran into flames to save my wife and save my family. Not a joke.”

The president met with protesters earlier in the day, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with his response to the disaster and his hesitance to address the rising death toll.

Media outlets previously reported the minor kitchen fire incident, offering clarifications that it was confined to the kitchen and swiftly brought under control.

The Cranston Heights Fire Company provided their opinion on the kitchen fire, stating that while the fire incident might be seen as minor, it was significant for a homeowner.

Fabricating Empathy?

Biden faced scrutiny for making claims that don’t always align with the facts in attempts to resonate with audiences rather than provide the truth.

Last year, Biden claimed a connection to the Puerto Rican community despite limited evidence of such associations in his early life.

The president also asserted he was arrested multiple times during civil rights protests, a claim that lacks substantial supporting evidence.

Biden claimed he visited the Tree of Life synagogue after a mass shooting, which was publicly denied by the temple itself.

Biden’s assertion of receiving a job offer from Boise Cascade was challenged by the company.

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