Is Biden’s Son Actually Innocent? Hunter Pleads Not Guilty to Firearms Charges

In a recent courtroom appearance, Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, pleaded not guilty to charges related to firearms and false statements. The case has garnered attention due to its connection to a collapsed plea deal and allegations of wrongdoing.

The Charges

Hunter Biden, 53, stood before a Delaware federal courthouse and entered a not-guilty plea for three counts, including making a false statement when purchasing a firearm, making a false statement related to information required by a federal firearms licensed dealer, and unlawfully possessing a firearm while addicted to a controlled substance.

The charges stem from an incident in 2018 when Hunter purchased a Colt Cobra revolver while struggling with addiction to crack cocaine, a fact he later admitted in his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things.” 

The Probation Agreement

As part of his probation agreement, Hunter is required to seek employment actively, share international travel plans in writing, abstain from firearms and substance abuse, and undergo drug tests and substance abuse counseling upon his probation officer’s request.

While these felony charges could potentially carry a sentence of up to 25 years in prison and fines of up to $750,000, it is unlikely that such a severe penalty will be imposed on a non-violent, first-time offender.

Losing the Plea Deal

The legal troubles for Hunter Biden began when he walked away from a plea deal earlier in the year. This deal would have granted him probation in exchange for admitting to the firearm offenses.

However, the plea deal fell apart when IRS whistleblowers alleged a cover-up in the federal investigation. US District Judge Maryellen Noreika also raised concerns about the plea deal, suggesting that it granted Hunter immunity for past crimes, which prosecutors denied. This led to the plea deal being declared “null and void” by Hunter’s defense attorney, Chris Clark.

Slowing Down the Investigation

The IRS whistleblowers, Special Supervisory Agent Gary Shapley and Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, claimed that their investigation, which started in November 2018, was obstructed and slowed down.

This obstruction may have prevented more serious charges, such as money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying, and sex trafficking, from being brought against Hunter Biden. Shapley and Ziegler made several disclosures to the House Ways and Means Committee and said the investigation began in 2018 after researching a “foreign-based amateur online pornography platform.”

Foreign Cash

During their investigation, Shapley and Ziegler discovered that Hunter and his associates received approximately $17.3 million from foreign entities in Ukraine, Romania, and China between 2014 and 2019, with Hunter receiving $8.3 million personally.

They also uncovered a WhatsApp message in which Hunter threatened a Chinese government-linked associate with his father’s involvement, resulting in payments of over $4.8 million to accounts linked to Hunter and his brother, James Biden.

Blocking an Investigation

The IRS investigators alleged that they were blocked from pursuing charges outside of Delaware by US Attorneys in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles. While some officials corroborated their claims, FBI officials present at the time were unable to confirm Shapley’s account.

The House Oversight Committee obtained bank records showing that $24 million was transferred to Biden-linked accounts from foreign companies and nationals in various countries between 2014 and 2019.

Additionally, former business partner Devon Archer testified that Hunter put his father on speakerphone in at least 20 business meetings to promote the Biden “brand.” Ian Sams, White House Counsel’s Office spokesman, said Republicans had, “no evidence of wrongdoing” by the president and were using “discredited personal attacks on him and his family.”

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