Is Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Stance Protecting Children or Pushing Out the LGBTQ Community?

Florida’s anti-LGBTQ laws are driving transgender people out of state, according to a survey by Human Rights Campaign, which fights for LGBTQ rights around the country.

“Don’t Say Gay”

Since signing the infamous Parental Rights in Education Act, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has continued by enacting a slate of laws targeting the state’s LGBTQ community.

Some of these measures include banning gender-affirming services for minors and making it more difficult for transgender adults to get healthcare.

Most recently, the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by DeSantis, voted unanimously to add more penalties to a new law barring transgender students and staff at state colleges across Florida from using facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

Must Fire Employees Who Use a Bathroom Other Than the One That Coordinates With Their Sex at Birth

The legislators also added sharp penalties to the law under which colleges must fire employees who use a bathroom other than the one that coordinates with their sex at birth more than twice.

Two-thirds of LGBTQ people would not consider moving to a state with a gender-affirming care ban, according to the survey.

A third of LGBTQ people, including more than half of trans and non-binary people, said that if their state introduced a ban like that, they would consider moving out, or they had already moved or started moving.

The proposal adopted by the board dictates that employees should be disciplined should they violate the Florida law that requires individuals to use bathrooms that align with their sex assigned at birth.

Creating a Hostile Environment in the State That Has Many Gay and Transgender Communities

A new study by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation shows that LGBTQ people, including Florida, are staying away from states with legislation banning this care.

Gender-affirming care can range from social services, including changing names, hormones, and special medical services for trans individuals.

DeSantis and Florida legislators say these laws make Florida safer for children and safeguard parents’ rights.

Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida Issued a Travel Advisory for LGBTQ+ People Coming to Florida

LGBTQ advocates and the transgender community in the state say that they create a hostile environment in the state that has many gay and transgender communities.

The Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida issued a travel advisory for LGBTQ+ people coming to Florida.

LGBTQ activists say that recent attacks on gender-affirming care around the country, including Florida, are baseless.

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