Is Google Neglecting Their DEI Policy? – Blacks and Women Earning $20,000 Less on Average at Google

Recently leaked data reviewed by news site Insider has revealed unsettling disparities in pay among Google employees. Here’s the full story.

Lower Pay for Minorities and Women

The spreadsheets provide a stark view of salaries and bonuses, exposing a significant wage gap between Black and white employees, as well as between men and women, contradicting Google’s proclaimed commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policy.

The leaked data encompassed over 12,000 white-collar Google employees across the United States.

It showed that Black employees at Google earn, on average, over $20,000 less than their white counterparts.

This wage gap also extends to Indigenous and Hispanic employees.

Women Excel in Sales

Gender disparities were equally glaring, with women consistently earning less than men in nearly every department.

However, an unexpected outlier emerged as women on Google’s sales team were found to earn more than their male counterparts.

Salaries Lower in Some Expensive Areas

Furthermore, the data revealed that Google’s average “minimum base salary” is notably lower in some of the most expensive areas to live in the United States.

In New York City, where the cost of living is notoriously high, the reported average minimum base salary was just $48,000.

Similarly, in the Silicon Valley region, the average minimum base salary was a mere $39,962.

Compensated Based On Roles Not Race

When approached for comment, Google spokesperson Tamani Jayasinghe explained that employees are compensated based on their roles and responsibilities, not their demographic backgrounds.

She stated that the leaked spreadsheet contained outdated, self-reported data that had not been verified, dismissing it as an inaccurate representation of compensation within the company.

“We run a rigorous pay equity analysis every year to make sure salaries, bonuses, and equity awards are fair,” Jayasinghe said.

“The Data Is Probably Cherry-Picked”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the report.

One Twitter user wrote, “Paying employees based on what they do still means your Black employees are not being put in leadership positions that make more money. So y’all lost either way.”

Another user added, “I don’t know how anyone with integrity or honesty doesn’t agree that Black people have been and are still grossly abused in this world for the color of their skin.”

A third user commented, “The data is probably cherry-picked. They cry of systemic racism, but liberal companies control most industries.”

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