Is Her Husband Hiding Something? His $14,000 Plea Ignites a Trust Crisis – Her Contract Terms Spark a Marital Meltdown!

A married woman stirred up suspicion and outrage on Reddit when she agreed to loan her husband a big chunk of money. But her deal came with conditions that he wasn’t too happy about. Here is the whole story.

He Wanted To Keep Their Finances Separate

OP is a 36-year-old woman who has been married to her 42-year-old husband for two years. She has never been married, but he has six kids with two ex-wives.

Before they married, OP’s future husband told her he wanted to keep their finances separate. That was great news to OP because she had seen him struggle with money all during their relationship.

The husband’s reasoning for the money split is that he must support his kids and must fully control his finances. OP thinks he’s overblowing how much the kids really cost him.

At any rate, OP and her husband take turns paying for their joint expenses. While they have been married, OP has built her savings to about $20K, while her husband is always running on empty.

And He’d Been Borrowing Money

OP has noticed that her husband has been struggling with money more than ever lately. He borrowed money from several people, including $4,000 from her brother.

When OP asked him what was happening, he just told her that he needed the money for the kids because they’re so expensive. OP still doesn’t buy that answer, but she has no actual proof otherwise.

But then OP’s husband came to her and asked for a loan. He needed $14K, he said and wanted her to transfer the money from her account into his.

OP again asked him what he needed the money for, and this time her husband said it was none of her business. He just promised that he would pay it back as soon as possible.

He Asked Her for $14,000

OP thought about it for a minute, then told her husband she would loan him the money. But she said there would be a condition.

She wanted to draw up a contract with a lawyer and have her husband sign it. She wanted his promise in writing that he would repay the loan in full, with some time limits in place.

He blew up when he heard her conditions for loaning him the money. He accused her of not trusting him and said she should transfer the cash since they were family.

She knew he was struggling, and now she was just making everything even worse. She was his wife, he said and should try to make his life easier, not harder.

She Stuck to Her Guns and Said They Had To Have a Contract

But OP stuck to her guns and said they had to have a contract before she’d transfer any money to her husband’s account.

The next morning, OP’s husband asked her for the money again. She repeated that she would loan it to him, but only if they had a contract.

Frustrated because he wasn’t getting what he wanted, OP’s husband stormed out of the house and wouldn’t answer her calls or texts all day long.

When he got home that night, though, he asked her for the money again.

And Wonders What He’s up To

OP tried again to get her husband to tell her what he needed the cash for. He said she didn’t need to worry about it, so OP told him that her offer still stood – with the condition.

Then, her husband left the house again and didn’t return that night. Now OP wonders what he’s up to and worries about her marriage.

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