Is One Life Event More Important Than the Other? Going Blind or Getting Married – It’s a Painful Stalemate

A young woman garnered sympathy among Redditors when she revealed that an unavoidable collision of life events led to heartbreak for a coworker. Is there anyone to blame for the travesty that unfolded? Here is the full story.

Unavoidable Life Event Collisions

OP is a woman in her late 20s who works in a large retail store. One of her coworkers is a 23-year-old woman who was on the verge of getting married when all hell broke loose.

OP’s worker had originally scheduled her wedding for 2020, but COVID-19 put the brakes on those plans.

So, after the world got moving again, OP’s colleague was finally able to get down to business. She was going to take two weeks off for the wedding and honeymoon, a trip she had to book two years in advance.

Meanwhile, OP was struggling with her vision, which has been bad her whole life. She needed surgery to help improve the condition, and she was finally able to save enough money to afford the operation.

She Could Go Blind

But when OP went to see the doctor for a pre-op exam, he told her the situation was worse than they thought.

Her condition had progressed to the point that it was more or less an emergency, and they scheduled the surgery right away.

And that’s where the problem came in, because OP’s surgery was slated for the same week as her coworker’s wedding. OP would need two weeks off to recover.

At first, OP’s boss rejected her request because it was both short notice and overlapped with another employee’s absence. The store needed either OP or the bride-to-be to work during those weeks because they are understaffed.

Her Bosses Wanted To Cancel Her Colleagues Wedding

But when OP asked her doctor if she could postpone her surgery, he said it was too risky. He issued a note to her employer, which they were legally obligated to honor.

So, in turn, OP’s boss told the bride-to-be that she would have to work the weeks that she had scheduled off for her wedding and honeymoon.

Needless to say, the girl was furious and turned much of her anger toward OP since she already knew about the eye surgery. There was no one else to blame, so she came at OP with both barrels.

OP’s coworker couldn’t get a refund for any of her wedding expenses, and her bosses weren’t budging. They won’t give her any time off, and they told her upfront that they would fire her if she didn’t show up for work.

Everyone Is Really Angry

Now, both the bride-to-be and OP’s other coworkers are super angry at her and think she should push harder to change the date of her surgery. She feels really bad about the situation, but she doesn’t want to end up blind.

OP’s doctor is very alarmed and would have done the surgery even sooner if he could have. So she feels like she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter at this point.

Reddit commenters are very sympathetic to both women, and most of them don’t think either OP or her coworker should have to sacrifice.

Many of them think that the boss could either work the hours or find someone to cover for the time the two women will be out.

Both Events Far Outweigh the Importance of a Job

They say that both eyesight-saving surgery and a long-planned wedding are important life events that far outweigh any job.

Some suggest that OP’s coworker should just work up until the day of her wedding and then just not show up. She’ll either get canned and then find another job, or the boss will back down.

So, what do you think about this story?

Should OP risk her eyesight so that her coworker won’t miss out on her dream wedding?

Or is the surgery more important than the wedding?

Or do you think the women’s boss is just being a jerk and should find a way to accommodate both situations?

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