Is Putin Dead? Is His Body Double Running the Show? – Yes: If Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Is to Be Believed

Ukraine’s military intelligence chief is among many who believe that Putin may have serious health issues, with some even claiming that he’s no longer alive!

Body Double

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, has doubled down on his earlier claims of Vladimir Putin using body doubles for public appearances.¬†

In a shocking revelation, the General now alleges that the “real” Putin hasn’t been seen in public for over a year.

Budanov’s extraordinary interview has sent shock waves, where he expresses uncertainty about Putin’s current status – whether he’s alive, in poor health, or deliberately avoiding public appearances.

According to Budanov, the last time anyone saw Putin was around June 26, 2022.

Watch ‘Tell’ a Slip-Up?

Budanov referred to a recent video where Putin was seen looking at his watch on the wrong wrist, only for no watch to be there as he always wears his watch on the right wrist, raising suspicions about the person in the video.

When asked if the person in the video was the real Putin, Budanov and TV presenter Anzhelika Rudenko expressed doubts, suggesting it might be a body double.

Rudenko directly questioned Budanov about Putin’s health and whether he was alive. The military intelligence chief responded uncertainly, stating he didn’t know how to answer.

Putin had previously rejected using body doubles, although reports suggested his aides had suggested the idea, similar to leaders like Stalin and Brezhnev.

Late Night Crisis Unexplained

Despite rejecting body doubles, Putin is known for his extreme caution regarding security, proven to take no chances when it comes to his physical health.

On the date mentioned by Budanov, June 26, 2022, Putin was reportedly seen making a late-night visit to the Kremlin immediately following a meeting with Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesperson, didn’t deny the late-night Kremlin visit but provided vague explanations, ruling out a crisis meeting.

The late-night visit coincided with Putin’s agreement to supply advanced nuclear-capable arms to Belarus, followed by deadly Russian warplane bombardments on Ukrainian cities.

Claims have circulated that there might be two Putins, with one adhering to social distancing and the other not, indicating possible health issues.

A Lookalike?

Some sources suggest Putin employs a lookalike actor who underwent plastic surgery to resemble him for public appearances.

Former professor Dr. Valery Solovey claimed that Putin is too ill to participate in the 2024 Russian presidential election and is in declining physical health.

Solovey insists that Putin uses a double for public appearances, leading to occasional “comic errors,” such as the watch incident.

Western leaders are aware of Putin’s double but ignore the situation, allowing Russia to handle its internal affairs, according to Sovoley.

The world watches closely as the mystery around Putin’s public appearances deepens. Is this a carefully guarded secret, or is there more to Putin’s absence than meets the eye?

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