Is She Selfish? Her Steadfast Decision Not To Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Plane Ticket Left Them Feuding

A young woman turned to Reddit for advice after she refused to pay for her boyfriend’s flights to come visit her. The reason he thought she should pony up the cash left commenters shaking their heads. Here is the full story.

They’ve Been Together for About a Year

OP is a 26-year-old woman who is dating a 27-year-old man. They have known each other for five years and been in a relationship for about a year.

Several years ago, OP was in a long distance relationship, and she swore she’d never be in one again. But during the pandemic, she and her current boyfriend ended up in the same city, and she fell for him.

But then as restrictions lifted, OP’s office reopened and she moved back home, 1100 miles away. By that time, though, they were a full-on couple, and OP was suddenly in another long distance relationship.

When she left, OP and her boyfriend made a pact to see each other once a month. They would alternate cities, with whoever was on the road paying his or her own travel expenses.

In a Long Distance Relationship

They have stuck to that schedule pretty well, and it helps that their two families have summer places in the same community. So during the summer months, OP and her boyfriend have a middle ground to meet at.

Recently, OP landed a big raise at work. She was very excited about it and rushed to tell her boyfriend. But his reaction was super disappointing.

When he heard about the raise, the first thing OP’s boyfriend said was that now she could pay for his travel when he came to see her.

OP was surprised by that response and reminded her boyfriend about their agreement. It had been working great for several months, so why change it?

She Had a Raise So He Thought She Should Pay For His Flights

But the boyfriend thought OP should share her good fortune. They both made good money already, so he thought her windfall should be spent to help bring them together.

OP says that she is generally much better at money management than her boyfriend. He also has expensive hobbies that eat up a lot of his disposable income.

So OP saw his request as a way to free up even more of his money to “play” with. He probably had his eye on a few bottles of pricey liquor or the next round of modifications to his fancy car.

That didn’t seem fair at all to OP since she was the one who earned the raise. So she told her boyfriend that all of the extra money was going straight into savings to help prepare for the future.

She’s Torn – Should She Pay?

Her boyfriend was even more upset by that idea and told OP that it didn’t seem like she really wanted to see him. If she did, she would be more than happy to pay for his plane ticket.

Now, OP is torn about what to do. She loves her boyfriend and wants to see him, but she doesn’t want to support him financially. Her boyfriend thinks she is being selfish.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP in her decision to not pay for her boyfriend’s plane tickets.

Many of them agree that there is no reason to change their arrangement since it has been working well for both OP and her boyfriend.

Is He Giving Her a Glimpse of a Selfish Future?

They also agree that OP earned her extra money and can do whatever she wants with it.

Some warn OP that her boyfriend is giving her a glimpse into what a future with him might look like.

So, what do you think of this story? Is OP right for holding onto her money?

Or should she pay for her boyfriend’s plane tickets to prove she’s happy to see him.

Or do you think this relationship is just doomed?

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