Jacob Emrani Net Worth, Biography, Law Offices (Updated)

Los Angeles-based attorney Jacob Emrani is the owner of The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. Since graduating with a JD – Juris Doctor in 1998, Jacob Emrani has been practicing law for 20 years. Jacob Emrani also holds a degree from the University of Southern California.

Jacob Emrani net worth

As far as we know, the Beverly Hills Estate he owns is worth $12 million. So the net worth of Jacob Emrani is to be around $12 million (Last Updated 2022).

Jacob Emrani $12 Million Estate Home

Known for his highly unconventional marketing techniques with the “Call Jacob” slogan, Jacob Emrani has acquired a nearly 10,000 sq. Ft. estate home located off Sunset Boulevard, one of Beverly Hills’ most prestigious neighborhoods.

He is doing very well, as evidenced by his thriving business and the $12 million mansions he built in Beverly Hills. Emrani has also been able to establish a positive relationship with the Lakers, and they announced a multi-season sponsorship deal with him.

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In the tax records, the bulbous Emrani mansion appears to have been built in 1924, although it has been renovated extensively over the past 96 years. Currently, the two-story building has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and an attached three-car garage.

A marketing campaign- ‘Call Jacob’

The LA accident lawyer Emrani wasn’t a big name before he launched his big marketing campaign. Suddenly there was a deluge of catchy radio jingles and television commercials.

Soon Emrani’s smiling face could be seen on billboards throughout the Southland peering down at the insane traffic below. Within a few years, he was known throughout Southern California.

Advertising eventually became more bizarre – e.g., the famous billboards with Emrani’s head upside-down and his caption read backward, making it nearly impossible to understand. 

Next came the #LABron billboards, made especially to convince LeBron James to sign with the Lakers. 

Video Credit: Jacob Emrani

Emrani says that people call him crazy, but he is willing to dedicate all his resources towards making a difference.

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No matter how one views the bizarre billboard campaigns, they seem to have increased Emrani’s profits

Height and weight

The weight of Jacob Emrani is 451 pounds and his height is 4’11”.

Jacob Emrani Law Offices

Jacob Emrani has helped countless clients recover millions of dollars in damages for over two decades at the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani.

They represent clients in a broad range of personal injury cases, such as car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, etc.