Jeweler’s Hilarious Revenge – She “Heartbrokenly” Sends Her Cheating Boyfriend a Necklace Inscribed With Every Fling He Had and Receives a Breakup Bonus!

One jeweler went viral on TikTok for receiving an email from a customer that said her boyfriend had been using her credit card to send necklaces to another girl’s house. The jeweler sent a box load of revenge gifts to the boyfriend’s house, including necklaces with all the names of the girls he cheated on her with, along with a breakup note.

She Taught Him a Lesson Never To Be Forgotten

A jeweler recently spilled the beans on how one of her customers decided to teach her unfaithful boyfriend a lesson he won’t forget.

The woman, whom we’ll call Emily, contacted DBL Jewelry with a special request.

She explained, “My BF cheated, so I’m sending him a necklace with ALL the girls’ names.”

Liv Portillo, the store’s boss, shared the juicy details on TikTok, and the video quickly gained massive attention, with over 3.4 million views and 790,000 likes in just two days.

A Beautifully Inscribed Necklace

In the viral video, Portillo revealed another note from the customer revealing that the boyfriend had cheated with three girls.

The necklace’s design reflected this shocking revelation. The front displayed their anniversary date, while the back featured a surprising twist—the names of the three women: Ashley, Genesis, and Karen.

As the video showed Portillo creating the piece, she spilled the beans on the girlfriend’s cunning plan.

The necklace would be presented before the boyfriend’s family, forcing him to read the names aloud.

Along With a Breakup Note

Portillo added another twist: it used her soon-to-be-ex credit card to pay for the jewelry.

Many pleaded to be “tagged in updates.”

In the follow up video, Portillo revealed she sent the cheating boyfriend a “snake necklace” along with a shocking breakup note.

The company also sent Emily some free goodies for “Self-love.”

“This Brings Me… An Insane Amount of Satisfaction, You Are Amazing for Doing This for Her.”

People praised her generous actions.

One commenter marvelled, “This brings me… an insane amount of satisfaction, you are amazing for doing this for her.”

Another user announced their dedication to the business thanks to her actions, “The way you handled this makes you a business I’m DEFINITELY buying from.”

Do you think they went about this the right way? Let us know in the comments.

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