Jim Pillen Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

A popular politician, Jim Pillen was born in 1955 (age 66). He is well known among Nebraskans for his work with Christian conservatives. He shared his goals after entering politics. His goals have recently provided him with a win and given him the status of governor under the Republican party. In 2022, he won the election for governor of Nebraska.

10 Goals of Jim Pillen(Values)

  • Keep Our Kids in Nebraska
  • Strengthen Rural Communities.
  • Fix Nebraska’s Broken Property Tax System.
  • Grow Nebraska Economy.
  • Defend Agriculture.
  • Enforce Law and Order.
  • Protect our Freedoms.
  • Restore Education in Nebraska.
  • End Abortion.
  • Preserve our Conservative Values.

In the past, Jim Pillen raises pigs, practices medicine, and is the chairman and founder of Pillen Family Farms and DNA Genetics, a multigenerational family enterprise with over 1,100 employees. 

The farms that he owns contribute to the local economy since they buy 14 million bushels of corn annually from cooperatives and farmers. Also, the pork produced by these farms every year is enough for more than 9 million people.

Full NameJim Pillen
Date of Birth1956
Age66 (as of 2022)
BirthplacePlatte, Nebraska
ProfessionPractices medicine for pigs
CEO and founderPillen Family Farms and DNA Genetics
Official Websitepillenfamilyfarms.com
Another WebsiteRepublican Jim Pillen
Jim Pillen Net Worth$223 million (Last Updated May, 2022)

Jim Pillen Net Worth

In 2022, Jim Pillen’s net worth is estimated to be $223 million.

Jim Pillen Biography

Who is Jim Pillen?

The American politician James Pilen was recently elected governor of Nebraska in May 2022. His political party is the Republican Party, under which he declared his victory. As a politician, Jim Pillen has been involved in different fights for Nebraskans since the beginning of his career. He has advocated for the creation of jobs for the unemployed. Additionally, he has campaigned on radical agendas.

When was Jim Pillen Born? (Early years)

Jim Pillen was born in 1956 and raised on a farm in Platte County, Nebraska. He has been involved in Nebraska agriculture his entire life, assisting his father and brothers on the farm since he was a young child. 


Following a distinguished career as a college football player with the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, Dr. Pillen graduated from Kansas State University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Upon returning home, he built a veterinary practice in Nebraska.


He began his pork production career with his father, Dale, on their home farm, where they raised 1,200 market hogs and 60 sows.

Pillen established Pillen Family Farms in 1993, and purchased DNA Genetics in 2003. Currently, Pillen’s eldest children, Brock and Sarah Pillen, are the company’s co-CEOs.

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Three core beliefs of Pillen Family Farms

The company operates from Columbus, Nebraska, on the basis of three core tenets: 

  • Do what’s right 
  • Do the best you can
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated 

Personal life

Jim is a married man, and his wife’s name is Suzanne. There are 4 children and 7 grandchildren in Jim and Suzanne’s family. Pillen’s family lives in Columbus, and attends St. Isidore’s Catholic Church. 

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