Jin Gates Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Growing up in the East Coast streets, Jin Gates has earned a reputation as hip-hop’s “King of Asia.”.

His songs reflect his turbulent life spent in the streets of New York, NJ, Philadelphia, and any other place where he could make money.

Today, he’s literally the top celebrity on the internet, with 288k Instagram followers, and his YouTube videos have millions of hits.

Jin Gates Net Worth

Jin Gates’ net worth is approximately $5 Millions as of 2022.

Jin Gates Early Life 

Jin has had a pretty rough life. Raised in a ghetto in the tri-state area, Gates became involved in drugs and crime.

He was on the U.S. men’s Taekwondo World Cup team from the age of 13 to 15. A lot of his music is influenced by his past life experiences with drug cartels and smugglers.

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According to Gates, his past struggles helped shape him into the man he is today. Because he was not in a noble line of work in his youth, he spent a considerable amount of time on the run.

It’s been a long road for him, a journey that included everything from sleeping on couches in Brooklyn to running from the law.

At the age of 21, he obtained an associate’s degree in marketing and business. A shady police attorney set him up at age 25 and took 13 lbs of pot from him, then raided his home for $500,000 worth of valuables.

Jin Gates Career 

The Jin-Vinci-Code was his debut album in 2017 that garnered a lot of attention. On YouTube, his songs have received more than 500k views.

He’s a perfect fit for the booming music and fashion industries, with his musical skills only adding to his appeal. The video he released recently, “Best Out Here,” is a perfect representation of his lavish life.

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Additionally, he acted in Asian Mob(2018). When Jin was 21, he earned a business and marketing degree. Having just saved himself from going to jail by a hair’s breadth, he vowed to make wiser decisions going forward and change his life for the better.

His brother, Noi, and he opened a jewelry store of their own. During the year 2015, after building up their jewelry store business further, they decided to branch out into the fashion industry.

Jin was always a head-turner for his trendy clothes and tattoos. As of now, he runs a streetwear line named COD (Cash On Delivery). The brand has gotten endorsements from various celebrities, including 50 cent, Kevin Gates, Ben Baller, and DJ Khaled.

Jin Gates Personal Life

Gates is a family guy, too, as any Asian boy would be. His brother is Nio Sheng, and they run their million-dollar clothing line together. Shenseea, a social media sensation, is believed to be dating him. Wild cats are Jin Gates’ passion.

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