Joanna Gaines Net Worth, Media Empire (Updated)

Joanna Gaines is an American entrepreneur, home renovations expert, and reality television star. Most people know that Joanna Gaines appears in HGTV’s reality television show Fixer Upper. She is the owner, designer, and founder of Magnolia Homes. 

Joanna and her husband Chip Gaines have a thriving empire of home renovation businesses and television shows. 

Moreover, with over 300 pieces in her Target line, her products range from bedding to lifestyle items. Joanna’s exclusive rug and pillow line is available at Anthropologie.

Full NameJoanna Gaines
Founder ofMagnolia Homes
Husband Name Chip Gaines
Twitter Account@joannagaines
Instagram Account@joannagaines
Joanna Gaines net worth $50 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Joanna Gaines net worth

The net worth of Joanna Gaines is $50 million dollars, and this is her combined net worth with Chip Gaines.

How Joanna Gaines met Chip Gaines

While they were both students at Baylor University, Chip and Joanna Gaines had never met. In high school, she majored in communication and planned to be a journalist. She met Chip at her father’s tire shop in Waco, where Chip took his car for maintenance. 

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It is said that Joanna’s picture hung in the store, and Chip started coming to the store in the hope of bumping into her.

His desire for a face-to-face meeting was also reinforced when he saw Joanna’s local TV commercials for the tire store. He and Joanna met for the first time in 2001. Chip’s first words were, “Hey, you’re the girl from the commercials.”

When Chip showed up to their first date an hour late, it was a rough start for their relationship. However, over time they grew close and started dating. After getting married in May 2003, they are parents to five children. Soon after getting married, they purchased their first home. Moreover, Magnolia Market was opened by Chip and Joanna shortly after getting married.

Media Empire

Chip and Joanna announced in April 2019 that they will collaborate with HGTV on a new initiative that will involve a television network and streaming app. Joanna and Chip are the joint venture’s Chief Creative Officers, which started in 2020. 

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HGTV’s parent company, Discovery Networks, plans to promote the Gaines family and other popular home improvement shows on its DIY network. Fixer Upper episodes will be available on the new network.