Joe ‘Huge Liar’ Biden’s Blatant Blunder: Controversial Video Sparks Accusations of Political Propaganda

Biden received a media bashing again after Democrats released a controversial video dissing the Republicans and making claims about their future policies. Here’s the story. 

Republican Candidates Intend To Outright Ban Abortion

In a surprising move, President Joe Biden released a video that has become a topic of contention. It depicted the potential positions of Republican presidential candidates, framing them in a very negative light.

This video, seen by countless Americans, makes several sweeping claims. Among the most provocative are that the Republican candidates intend to outright ban abortion and make significant cuts to Social Security.

The video uses rhetorical questions such as “Raise your hand if you’re a climate denier” and “Raise your hand if you’re going to support Trump.”

This implies that these are universal views among Republican candidates. The irony is palpable considering the Biden administration’s stance on misinformation.

“Misinformation” and “Disinformation,” in the Digital Age

They’ve frequently condemned the spread of “misinformation” and “disinformation,” especially in the digital age where false narratives can spread rapidly.

Adding to the controversy, Biden played a significant role in the establishment of what’s been dubbed the “Ministry of Truth.”

Some see this body as a means to regulate and monitor information dissemination.

Despite the establishment of the “Ministry of Truth” and its anti-misinformation rhetoric, the Biden White House seems to engage in the very behavior it warns against.

Direct Calls for Biden’s Resignation

Critics have noted this as hypocritical. Social media was ablaze with reactions. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook saw a surge in comments, memes, and threads related to the video.

A section of the online community was vocal in demanding action. There were direct calls for Biden’s resignation, and some tagged influential figures, like Elon Musk, to question the lack of warnings on such misleading posts.

Former President Trump may not be in office, but his influence remains pervasive. Comments like “Trump 2024” and sentiments about Trump “winning” a debate he wasn’t even a part of underscore his continued relevance.

As of late August 2023, a telling statistic emerged: 54% of Americans disapproved of Biden’s job performance. This is a significant majority, indicative of the prevailing sentiment.

Biden’s Popularity Is in Rapid Decline

Biden began his term with a relatively healthy approval rating. In January 2021, only 38% disapproved. However, by December 2022, this figure had skyrocketed to a worrying 58%.

Unpacking the reasons behind this decline reveals a host of issues.

Biden’s management of COVID-19 mandates faced backlash, the ongoing war in Ukraine brought foreign policy criticisms, and rising inflation hit the common American’s pocket, leading to economic concerns.

Even after leaving office, Trump remains a significant political and cultural figure. He’s greeted with fervor at events, and the media continuously covers him, pointing towards a potential political resurgence.

Paints a Picture of a Highly Volatile Political Future

The constant in this political storm has been the steady disapproval rating for Biden, which has stayed around 54%. This suggests a solid base of Americans remain discontented with his administration’s actions.

With the backdrop of Biden’s declining approval ratings juxtaposed against Trump’s undying influence, it paints a picture of a highly volatile political future.

With upcoming elections and ever-evolving issues, the U.S. stands at a crucial crossroads.

“Biden Is a Loser and a Huge Liar”

Among the media storm, one user commented, “He had to drop out of his first presidential campaigns because of lying and plagiarism, so this is nothing new.”

Another said, “Biden is a loser and a huge liar.”

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