Josh Kesselman Net Worth; Biography, Wiki, Career (Updated)

Josh Kesselman is an American businessman famous for being the CEO of Raw, a rolling paper brand based in the United States. 

Born in 1972, Josh was raised in Manhattan as the son of a smoker who enjoyed rolling his own cigarettes. His company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where he resides at the moment.

Full NameJosh Kesselman
Birth Year1972
Age50 (as of 2022)
Monthly Salary$800K
Yearly Income$9 Million
Josh Kesselman Net Worth$45 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Josh Kesselman Net Worth

Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million in 2022. He earns most of his income through his company RAW, which manufactures vegan rolling papers.

Josh Kesselman Biography

Josh Kesselman owns and operates “RAW” a company that makes vegan rolling papers. As a child, he watched his father smoke joints and cigarettes, which sparked his interest in rolling papers.  

His RAW company was founded in Arizona after he graduated from college. In the beginning, it was a Spanish rolling paper business that he founded with $500.

Currently, he is selling his vegan rolling papers across the globe. His company has over 2000 employees in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Josh Kesselman Career

Josh Kesselman sold all his possessions in 1993, and moved to Florida in pursuit of his dream of opening a rolling paper company. 

Through the years, he has created over two hundred custom papers, but his most famous brand is Raw, which is recognized around the world and was featured in Wiz Khalifa song. 

Clearly, raw has its highs, with sales doubled in the midst of the pandemic, resulting in revenues exceeding $100 million.

Interesting Facts about Josh Kesselman

  • Raw rolling papers are considered the first vegan papers in the world.
  • The RAW Foundation was founded by him in 2007. Over $2 million was donated to charities by the foundation.
  • Josh owns a vegan Ferrari. He once said: ”Yes, I really do. Everyone f*cks with me about that.”

Josh Kesselman Famous Quotes

“It’s a big place, man; it would take forever to get around.” – Josh Kesselman

“And the more success that came with all of this, the more I was allowed to be free. And I started making myself freer and freer and getting ridiculous, have this ridiculous hair and dress any way I wanted.” –Josh Kesselman

“We are innovative; we are fast, we are doing everything that a giant corporation can’t do.” – Josh Kesselman

“If I were them I would hate me too. They think I am ridiculous, but I am ridiculous!” – Josh Kesselman