Jury Duty Dodging 101: Gen Z’er’s Outrageous Outfits Have TikTok Holding Court in Stitches!

This young woman has taken to TikTok to reveal how she got out of jury duty by purposely wearing an outfit that made her look like she couldn’t be trusted in court. The internet was shocked, but people reacted surprisingly well.

Dodging Jury Duty

One woman, Mia (@miagraves), shared a clever and hilarious solution to dodge getting picked for Jury Duty on TikTok.

In a viral video, Mia revealed her plan to put together an outfit to make her the last choice for jury duty.

She had pushed it off twice before and was determined not to go. Her mission? To create an ensemble that would ensure they would send her home immediately.

Mia showcased several different looks to her followers, each one with its own unique twist to ensure she wouldn’t be selected.

“I Love Shoes, Booze, Boys With Tattoos”

The first option was a black t-shirt with a bold statement: “I love shoes, booze, boys with tattoos.”

Paired with black biker shorts and pink crocs, Mia aimed to demonstrate terrible judgment as a potential juror.

Mia then wore a revealing red low-cut top and denim shorts, aiming to be a “walking distraction.”

She wanted to show as much cleavage and leg as possible, completing the look with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Channeling Elle Woods From the Film Legally Blonde

She joked about adopting a southern accent to give the impression she had “better things to do,” like taking care of her horse named Blue Jeans.

Option three took a complete 180-degree turn as Mia donned a reserved look with a blazer, skirt, and glasses, channeling Elle Woods from the film Legally Blonde.

Her goal was to appear overqualified and intimidate other potential jurors.

Mia presented a minimal-effort outfit with a messy vibe; wearing a frat t-shirt, leggings, and knock-off JB slides, she put her hair up in a messy bun.

“The Way You Sat and Thought All These Out and Explained It Has My Screaminggggg”

Adding mascara lazily and smearing her makeup, she aimed to give the impression of a mental breakdown or someone on the verge of tears.

After receiving millions of views, likes, and comments on her video, Mia revealed in a follow-up TikTok that her plan had been a resounding success.

She was sent home by the judge and freed from jury duty.

Users reacted positively to Mia’s plan, with one saying, “the way you sat and thought all these out and explained it has my screaminggggg.”



Other users simply shared their own unique ways of getting out of jury duty, “Just do what I did cry to the front desk lady.”

“I told them I’m diagnosed with BPD and they didn’t make me go lol,” One user admitted.

Would you ever do something like this to get out of jury duty? Maybe you think it’s important that we all do our bit. Let us know in the comments.

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