Kamala Harris’s Approval Plummets – Is It Her Performance or Prejudice at Play?

The approval rating of Vice President Kamala Harris has recently become a focal point of political discussions, prompting a range of analyses and interpretations. Here’s the whole story.

Harris’s Unpopularity Could Potentially Undermine the Biden-Harris Ticket in Future Campaigns

In a recent roundtable discussion on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Harris’s historically low approval rating was dissected by political commentators with varying perspectives.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, an ex-Trump aide and co-host of “The View,” expressed concerns thaHarris’s unpopularity could potentially undermine the Biden-Harris ticket in future campaigns.

The conversation was framed against the backdrop of Republican primary candidates aiming to spotlight Harris and her potential future role.

A CNN commentator, Alice Stewart criticized Harris’s approach to addressing her challenges.

“The Vice President Was Given a Very Impressive Portfolio To Deal With the Border Crisis and Election Reform. She Failed on Both Counts”

Stewart contended that Harris has focused on attacking Republicans rather than addressing her perceived failures.

Steward said, “Yes, the president is old, and Kamala Harris is the heir apparent, potentially if he were to step aside. But look where this began. The vice president was given a very impressive portfolio to deal with the border crisis and election reform. She failed on both counts.”

“She has not done her job… she’s not a popular vice president. So instead of her talking about her failures, she’s attacking Republicans, and they’re simply responding…she has appointed herself the attack dog, and she’s getting hit back,” Stewart added.

However, Ashley Allison, a CNN political commentator who served as a senior staffer on the Biden-Harris campaign, offered a different perspective.

“We All Know the Election Systems Are Broken”

Allison said, “I think this is happening for a couple of reasons. Most people don’t know what vice presidents do. And now she is a history maker. She is a woman, she is a Black woman, and it’s the easy thing to do to say she’s the attack dog, go after her.”

Allison further defended Harris’s roles, noting that she was tasked with addressing the root causes of issues such as immigration policies and election systems that extend beyond her individual control.

“We all know the election systems are broken. We have a former president who won’t even acknowledge that he lost the election. That’s not because of Kamala Harris,” Allison added.

Harris herself has responded to questions about her approval rating and the potential role of race and gender.

“She’s Done With Us, the Pundits, and She’s Going to the People Who Actually Elect Her”

In an interview with ABC News, Harris said, “Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings.”

Ashley Allison suggested that Harris is seeking to reconnect with voters by addressing topics that resonate with women and appealing to broader constituencies beyond Washington, D.C.

“She’s done with us, the pundits, and she’s going to the people who actually elect her. She’s talking about the issues that women care about…abortion – and I appreciate it and I think we will see her numbers start to increase and people will be accepting of her on the job,” Allison said.

“Nah. She’s Unpopular Because She Isn’t Smart and Everyone Knows She Gave Head To Get Ahead”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Nah. She’s unpopular because she isn’t smart and everyone knows she gave head to get ahead.”

Another user added, “Unpopular because she is unqualified and was wrongly selected because of race and gender!”

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