Kanga Cooler Net Worth, Logan LaMance, Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

Kanga Coolers is a company of beverage coolers that are intended to be used both with and without ice in order to keep beverages cool. It is available in two versions: a pouch that is intended for smaller drinks, as well as a Kase Mate that is made for large cases of your favorite beverage.

Full NameKanga Coolers
Founded byLogan LaMance
Founded inMay 2017
Official WebsiteKanga Coolers
Twitter Account@KangaCoolers
Kanga Cooler Net WorthOver $3 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Kanga Cooler Net Worth

The net worth of Kanga Cooler is estimated at over $3 million.

Kanga Coolers Founder

Kanga Coolers was founded and is headed by Logan LaMance. Upon graduation from college, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management. When he was still in college, he founded Kanga Coolers together with his four friends.

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He previously worked for Young Entrepreneurs Across America as a branch manager. Out of the original five owners, four are still on the board today.

Founder’s Story

Kanga Coolers was born at a tailgate party at Clemson, South Carolina. It started because a group of college students were fed up with drinking warm beer.

There were coolers available to help them, though they were too bulky, heavy, and cumbersome for them. In the beginning, the idea was inspired by an older, simpler idea – individual can insulators.

In the wake of this realization, the team decided to insulate the entire case of beer at once, rather than one beer at a time. The Kase Mate line of Kanga Coolers is the result of that process.

With the Kase Mate, you can keep the whole beverage case within the container. Also, the cooler is equipped with special holes on the sides and top to facilitate easy access.

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Kanga Cooler Shark Tank Deal

In Shark Tank, they sought $100,000 for a 10 percent stake. The deal they accepted was $100,000 for 20 percent from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Kanga Cooler after Shark Tank

They attended Nascar races and surfing events after their Shark Tank deal, along with their coolers. Additionally, the company has become a limited liability company (LLC).

 In 2019, their headquarters was moved from the basement of Logan’s mother to “The Fun Factory,” which has a skate park as well.

It’s been an amazing start for the boys, since they have received countless orders since the show premiered. Their business is booming, bringing in millions of dollars every year.