Karen, a Racist White Woman Who Plays ‘Pool Police’ Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone Because She Pays $2,000 in Rent!

A video captured a woman’s racist poolside rant as she confronts Black individuals enjoying themselves, displaying entitlement and intolerance.

Yet Another Entitled Karen Has a Meltdown

In yet another shocking incident captured on video, this time in Fort Worth, Texas, a woman has had a viral meltdown by the pool. 

The currently unidentified white woman can be heard unleashing a torrent of expletives as she is confronted by another person at the pool who calmly questions her unwarranted concern over the people swimming in her apartment complex pool.

With a tone of indignation, the woman asserts, “Are you serious?” seemingly unable to comprehend why the presence of these individuals is such an affront to her. 

It becomes evident that her main argument stems from the fact that she pays a hefty monthly rent of $2,000, which she believes grants her the authority to police and dictate who can use the pool area.

“They Don’t Live Here!”

In her increasingly agitated state, she resolutely settles into a beach chair, proclaiming her intention to contact the apartment management.

Emphasizing her rent payment repeatedly, she seeks validation for her misplaced sense of entitlement. 

However, her words are saturated with racist undertones as she targets the guests who are enjoying the pool, vehemently declaring that “They don’t live here!” despite one of the Black individuals calmly explaining that he is a guest of a resident.

Adding to the absurdity of the situation, the woman awkwardly attempts to twerk in front of one camera.

She Swats at the Recording Camera, Causing Herself Even More Embarrassment

Frustrated by being recorded, she futilely tries to swat at another camera held by someone else, reminiscent of a previous incident where she erroneously insisted, “You can’t just record me.”

Notably, this Texas Karen shares a common thread with her Colorado counterpart, as both resort to telling people of color to “go back” to assumed places of origin. 

Colorado Karen targeted “Mexicans” and told them to “go back to Denver,” presuming that they lived there due to the city’s greater diversity compared to predominantly white Lakewood. 

Similarly, the white woman in Texas instructs her targets  “go back to Denton,” a perplexing demand considering that Denton, Texas, also has a predominantly white population, with just over 10% being Black.

She Thinks Paying Rent Allows Her To Play Pool Police

The video concludes with the woman incessantly reiterating the amount of money she pays to live in the complex, using it as a self-proclaimed license to play pool police. 

Her tirade is punctuated by expletive-laden demands for the guests to vacate the premises, reflecting her distorted belief that her rent affords her absolute authority and control.

This disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder of the continued prevalence of racism and the urgent need to address and eradicate such behavior. 

It highlights the importance of promoting inclusivity, respect, and acceptance in all spaces, including swimming pools, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time without fear of harassment or discrimination.

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