Karen Becomes an Office Outcast and Butt of Jokes When She Dares to Criticize the Best Part of the Working Day

Conor and his girlfriend Maeve found themselves entangled in a memorable tale of baking, revenge, and an unforgettable character named Karen. Let’s take a look.

A Baking Tradition

A few years ago, Conor and his girlfriend Maeve worked for the same company in the same office, although they were on different floors and worked in different areas. Maeve was a fantastic baker who loved sharing her tasty treats with her coworkers.

Maeve would bring in her baked goods about three times a week, and her department boss, Matt, put out a tin with a sign that said, “If you enjoyed a treat, please leave a contribution so Maeve can keep baking.” 

People absolutely LOVED Maeve’s treats, but there was one person who didn’t – Karen.

Contributions Revoked

One afternoon, Conor visited Maeve on her floor, and he could tell something was wrong – the vibe was off.

People seemed upset, Matt looked furious, and Maeve looked withdrawn. All of Maeve’s treats were on Matt’s desk, and the contribution tin was empty! 

Turns out, someone had left a note saying that Maeve’s recent treats weren’t “up to par,” so they’d emptied the tin, taking back their contributions as a form of refund!

That someone was soon found to be Karen – who openly admitted to writing the note! Little did she know she’d just opened Pandora’s box…

Morale Impacted 

Maeve felt really hurt and had a terrible night. She thought about making something gross to get back at Karen and even considered stopping baking altogether. 

Conor suggested she should stop giving her treats away for free.

The next day, Conor got called to a big meeting with upper management and others.

They were talking about Maeve’s baking and the note, and people were pretty mad. It wasn’t just because they loved Maeve; it was because her treats were free for the company and boosted everyone’s morale.

Sharing is Caring 

Matt talked to Maeve and said if she wanted to keep baking, he’d support her. Some coworkers set up a special table on the third floor just for sharing baked goods, and it was conveniently located under a camera and near Conor’s team. 

Maeve was a professional with a good poker face, but she almost started crying when she saw the table – she was so overwhelmed by the gesture. 

This time, they put the contribution tin back with a tiny lock on it. 

When Karen came for a treat next time, someone from Conor’s team stopped her and told her the treats “weren’t up to par” and essentially told her to go away.

“Not up to Par.”

More people started baking, and Matt made sure they shared the contributions equally. They even put a picture of the table with all the delicious treats on the company’s website!

Karen, meanwhile, had her own problems. Whenever she tried to lead a training session, people would say her teachings weren’t “up to par.”

She tried to fix things by bringing in cheap doughnuts with a sign saying they were actually good AND free, but no one wanted them. Only two got taken, one by Karen and one by someone who took one bite and returned it with a cheeky note reading “not up to par.”

Matt took it to the next level when organizing their next team outing – he called it “who’s up to par-ty!”

The Higher-Ups Weighed In

Karen made a complaint about the entire floor and even tried to get the snacks back downstairs. But the higher-ups said the note was deemed bullying, and the downstairs area without cameras wasn’t “up to par.”

Karen carried on complaining, trying to damage control the fallout from her note.

She said that she was only trying to inspire Maeve to do better and that she really needed Maeve’s treats as they kept her going some days. She claimed that now more people were baking and bringing treats in because of her note.

She argued that she’d really inspired them, and they should be thanking her!

Karen Remained an Outcast 

This continued until Covid came along when the company moved to a work-from-home setup. The only thing Karen didn’t admit to was taking the contributions from the tin – although Conor didn’t think anyone cared enough to do something about it.

In the end, Karen became the office outcast, and everyone was glad when she left. Conor’s final word on the matter was simple: “Forget Karen. And my girlfriend’s baking is the best!” 

Redditors loved Conor’s story. One user said, “Good for your GF! Karen can gnaw on her own toenails if she wants a snack.”

What do you think about this revenge plot? Too far?

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