Karen Unleashed – Her Racist Rant Erupts in Albuquerque Mall Over a Simple Crosswalk “Go Back to Mexico”

An incident outside the Coronado Center in Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, revealed a disturbing racist undercurrent. Here’s what happened.

Karen Failed To Give Way at a Pedestrian Crossing

The encounter, recorded and shared on TikTok by user @los_jona, begins with a seemingly harmless disagreement in the shopping center’s parking lot.

A group of pedestrians attempted to cross the lot as the signage instructed them to yield to pedestrians.

However, the woman, whose identity remains unknown, failed to give way, narrowly avoiding an accident.

Conflict flared as the woman behind the wheel of her four-door Volkswagen started following the pedestrians.

“I’ve Put My Life on the Line for the Nation”

The situation escalated further when she exited her vehicle, unleashing a barrage of racial slurs and offensive remarks.

She was shouting, “Get you’re a** out of my f****** country,” while claiming she had put her life on the line for the nation.

The video captured her aggressive demeanor and an alarming display of racial abuse that garnered more than a million views.

As the altercation unfolded, the presence of bystanders heightened the tension. A bystander attempted to defuse the situation, urging the woman to stop her verbal assault.

“Go Back to Mexico”

However, this intervention only escalated the situation. “Stop being rude!” the onlooker is heard saying.

The woman shouted, “Don’t even start with me you liberal,” to which the man calmly said, “I’m not liberal.”

The woman’s derogatory remarks persisted, with her targeting the group’s ethnicity and even suggesting they “Go back to Mexico.”

As the situation threatened to spiral out of control, one group member threatened to call the police, prompting a sarcastic response from the woman, who said, “The police in Albuquerque – I’m so scared.”

Albuquerque Police Department Refused To Comment

The conflict continued to draw attention, with one onlooker heard saying “Karen in white – shut up!”

As the conflict continued to devolve, the person who recorded the incident explained how he and the other group members had been crossing the street when the woman didn’t stop at the crosswalk.

He explained how after the incident, they kept walking towards their car and that the woman followed them, honking her horn and getting close to them with her car in the process.

Efforts to reach the Albuquerque Police Department for comments by local media on the incident were met with silence, leaving the question of police involvement unresolved.

“Was She Upset Because She Was Inconvenienced, or Because There Are Hispanic Folks in New Mexico?”

The Coronado Center also refrained from immediate comment on the incident.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Crazy woman. Cars have to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. That is the law.”

Another User wrote, “Was she upset because she was inconvenienced, or because there are Hispanic folks in New Mexico?”

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