Keepsakes of Their Dead Mother Destroyed by Dad’s Jealous Lover

In this heartbreaking admission, one woman made a terrible mistake when she got so jealous of her new husband’s deceased wife that she destroyed cherished photos and memories, leaving her family devastated.

They Were Childhood Sweethearts

The woman, Celia, had been in a relationship with her fiancé Ale for two years, and had known each other since high school.

Here’s the twist, although Ale’s wife Lorraine sadly passed away, Celia claims she was always Ale’s childhood sweetheart.

Despite the unusual circumstances, Celia loved Ale’s children, Basil and Birdie, as her own.

She deeply connected with the young ones, especially Birdie, who saw Celia as her mother figure.

She Resented Their Dead Mother

Jealousy began to hit Celia as she felt inadequate compared to Lorraine.

Celia found herself resenting Lorraine’s memory.

During Ale’s absence, Celia disposed of Lorraine’s belongings, including cherished memories, photos, and gifts.

The pain she caused to Basil and Birdie was immeasurable, leaving them devastated and heartbroken.

The Guilt of What She’d Done

Feeling guilty but too afraid to confess, Celia confided in her best friends, Mandy and Hollie, but her conscience weighed heavy, and Mandy encouraged her to come clean to Ale.

Celia revealed her actions, acknowledging her grave mistake, which led to a heated argument, and Ale, unable to forgive the betrayal, ended their relationship.

The aftermath of the revelation was devastating.

Ale shared the heartbreaking news with his friends, family, and Lorraine’s loved ones.

She’s Lost Everything

The consequences were severe, with many turning against Celia and questioning her character.

Now left without her fiancé, her children, and most of her friends, Celia is trying to rebuild her life.

It’s fair to say Reddit users were shocked, “This woman really doesn’t understand the magnitude of what she did. She actually destroyed letters written from the mother to her children? There’s something dead inside her.”

Another commented, “She literally sounds unhinged. I don’t think sane people make decisions like that.”

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