Keishia Mcleod Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Legacy Records (Updated)

Keishia McLeod is Legacy Records’ CEO. She oversees her complex team of influencers and all the brand-related stuff. 

Keishia makes all the big business decisions, manages the company’s operations and resources and is the main point of contact between the board and the employees. 

Keisha Mcleod Net Worth

The exact amount of her net worth is unknown. Yet her label Legacy Records pays its artists in crypto and via NFTs. That gives you an idea of how wealthy she might be. Once we find out how much she’s worth, we’ll update this page. 

Keishia Mcleod Education

She obtained her credential as a Youth Exercise Specialist from NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her coursework also included weight loss and personal training. Previously, she held the position of chief marketing officer at War Scores, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Legacy Records

With her unique approach to cryptocurrency payments, Legacy Records CEO Keishia McLeod is causing a stir in the music industry. Initially created by a socially conscious entrepreneur to showcase music’s versatility and beauty, it has now become an international phenomenon.

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As a music lover, Mcleod never imagined she would one day lead an enterprise dedicated to taking artists’ careers to the next level.

Previously, Keishia McLeod stated that labels can either get on board with the trend of virtual currencies, or else lose out. 

“I see 2 choices here, either get involved or get left behind. What we’re working on will allow many other income streams for artists for real wealth. I love seeing the way those, in and out of the industry, are creatively incorporating the use of NFT’s,” said Mcleod. “I mean, it’s no secret NFT’s alone have earned millions for artists already: but as for cryptocurrency and it’s potential as a whole, we knew this day would come and we’ve been preparing to take it a step further. I don’t think any business can afford to remain complacent in regards to the future. It’s a really exciting time for us [the world] right now. This is the future, not a trend.”