Kellogg’s Under Fire: Trump-Era Group Slams Cereal Brand’s “Twisted Woke Ideology” Agenda and LGBTQ+ Marketing Initiatives

A conservative legal group spearheaded by former Trump staff complained about Kellogg’s “woke” practices. Here’s the whole story.

Cereal Giant’s “Woke” Initiatives

In what’s emerging as a turbulent period for global corporations, former Trump aide Stephen Miller’s legal group, America First Legal, lodged a formal complaint against the renowned cereal brand Kellogg Co.

The cause? The cereal giant’s “woke” initiatives surrounding gender equality and diversity.

America First Legal Foundation’s senior counselor, Reed D. Rubinstein, conveyed the group’s grievances in a letter directed at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

He stated, “Kellogg’s employment practices are unlawfully based on ‘equity,’ which is a euphemism for illegal discrimination.”

Kellogg’s Commitment To Achieving Gender Equality

The legal group spearheaded by Miller alongside ex-Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows – created to combat “the radical activist left” – pinpointed several areas of concern.

Among them, Kellogg’s commitment to achieving gender equality, specifically a 50/50 split in its global management roles by 2025, and an exclusive leadership development initiative catering solely to women.

But the critique didn’t stop at gender. America First Legal also highlighted Kellogg’s “Chef in Residence” program, alleging it leans heavily toward racial favoritism.

As Rubinstein emphasized, the program appears to exclusively admit Black or African American chefs, potentially sidelining candidates of other races who could be equally qualified.

Transgender Tony the Tiger

Broadening their argument, America First Legal denounced what they perceived as Kellogg’s strategic shift in branding.

They drew attention to cereal boxes embossed with rainbow heart-shaped cereals, symbols closely tied with LGBTQ+ representation, and mascots such as Tony the Tiger appearing at high-profile events alongside known transgender activists like Dylan Mulvaney.

The overarching sentiment from America First Legal, as detailed in their letter to Kellogg’s CEO Steven Cahillane, is a belief that Kellogg’s has distanced itself from its traditionally family-centric marketing approach.

Instead, they argue, the company has dived headfirst into a politicized and sexualized marketing narrative, mirroring the tactics of other corporations.

Twisted Woke Ideology

“Kellogg’s is yet another big corporation that will break the law and hurt its shareholders’ interests to serve the twisted woke ideology of its officers and directors; like Disney, Budweiser, and Target, Kellogg’s management has shown nothing but contempt and disdain for American families and American workers.” the legal group wrote on social media.

As would be expected, Kellogg’s was swift in its response. They expressed their dedication to mirroring the diversity of their consumer base.

They pledged a commitment to comply with existing employment laws. A statement from the brand read: “At Kellogg, our aspiration is to better reflect the diversity of our consumers and to strengthen our inclusive culture.

We are committed to compliance with all applicable employment laws, and we have policies in place that prohibit workplace discrimination.”

Taking Issue With Policies and Programs They Brand as “Woke”

The ball is now in the court of the EEOC, an organization that investigates employment discrimination claims. While they acknowledged the receipt of the letter from America First Legal, they refrained from commenting further.

As spokesperson Brandalyn Bickner elaborated, federal law maintains strict confidentiality concerning possible charges made to the EEOC.

This move against Kellogg’s isn’t isolated. Conservative factions have increasingly rallied against major corporations in recent times, taking issue with policies and programs they brand as “woke.”

America First Legal’s complaint to Kellogg’s comes shortly after they initiated legal action against Target.

A Wake of Backlash Over Its LGBTQ-Themed Products

As reported by Reuters, the suit was filed on behalf of an investor, alleging that Target “misrepresented the adequacy of its risk monitoring” in the wake of backlash over its LGBTQ-themed products.

These events signal a broader societal debate that pits traditional values against a more progressive, inclusive outlook.

As this situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how brands like Kellogg’s, deeply woven into the fabric of American society, navigate the challenge of aligning corporate values with an ever-evolving consumer landscape.

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