Kept in the Dark – She Uncovers a Stranger Living in the Crawlspace Shadows!

Ashly Guardino, a California resident, found more than she bargained for when she set out to inspect a mysterious noise in her Lake Elsinore home. The TikTok video documenting her unnerving discovery has since exploded in virality, amassing over 6 million views. Buckle up.

She Was Half Awake

The video begins with a half-awake Guardino exclaiming, “So it’s 6 o’clock in the morning. We woke up because we heard a noise,” as sirens echo in the distance, indicating the arrival of local law enforcement.

What seemed like a possible trespasser on the roof took a dark twist.

As Guardino scans her rental property’s roof, her eyes land on a peculiar sight – the grass beneath her home seems to be mysteriously moving.

What happened next sent chills down the spines of millions of viewers. “A ——- arm comes out of the hole and is feeling around,” Guardino narrates, a mix of shock and disbelief in her voice.

Spine-Tingling Dread

She then shows viewers the house’s crawlspace – a confined area barely fit for human habitation.

Her words perfectly capture the spine-tingling dread of the moment: “Imagine being half awake and seeing it.”

The video takes a sharp turn as viewers see an officer attempting to communicate with the unexpected intruder.

After a suspenseful moment, a man finally emerges and is promptly arrested. Clearly shaken but undeterred, Guardino observes, “Oh, he’s high as —-,” as officers lead the man away.


This phenomenon of people covertly occupying strangers’ properties, dubbed “phrogging” by the New York Post, is rapidly becoming a concerning trend for authorities.

Drawing its name from a frog’s habit of leaping from lily pad to lily pad, phrogging poses both safety and privacy concerns for unsuspecting homeowners.

Guardino shared more details in the following videos. The intruder, a 26-year-old parolee with a history of arson and drug addiction, had found homes to hide under.

Eerily enough, the very house across from Guardino’s had also been used by this man until he was discovered and incarcerated.

Hearing Random Noises

She mentioned hearing random noises in her home over the last few months, like knocking and whistling, which she dismissed as normal sounds. But the truth was far more sinister.

Guardino also revealed the police’s intense standoff with the man, describing it as tense, with officers threatening to deploy “dogs and guns.” She explained, “And they’re yelling at him to come out, and he’s ignoring the police.”

TikTok users expressed their horror, shock, and sympathy in the comments.

One user wrote, “This happened to my best friend. Didn’t know until she heard coughing under the floorboards.”

The Distressed Meowing of a Kitten

Another chimed in with, “I honestly feel bad for him… and you as the homeowner of course, but this shows the crisis we are in 🙁 Sorry for both of y’all.”

But as with many viral stories, there’s always another twist! In another video, Guardino explains that after sealing the entrance the man had used, they heard the distressed meowing of a kitten.

They managed to rescue the feline with great care without reopening the boarded-up access.

This hairy tale has a silver lining: the Guardino family decided to adopt the little kitten, turning an otherwise disturbing experience into a heartwarming family story.

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