Kiana Danial Net Worth, Biography, Career (Updated)

Investor and entrepreneur, Kiana Danial, is well known in the investment world. She is the founder of, where she showcases her financial expertise and energetic personality.

Trading, investing, and entrepreneurship have made Kiana millions of dollars – and she coaches others on how to do so as well! 

Full NameKiana Danial
ProfessionInvestor & entrepreneur
Website Owner
Twitter Account@KianaDanial
Instagram Account@investdiva
YouTube ChannelKiana Danial – Invest Diva
Spouse Matt Tarascio
Kiana Danial Net Worth $2 Million (Updated 2022)

Kiana Danial Net Worth

‘Invest Diva’ Kiana Danial has a net worth of over $2 million now. However, about a decade ago she had financial problems. She accumulated her wealth through careful investments and hard work. 

Wall Street Job Termination

Business Insider reported that in 2010, Danial lived on the Upper East Side and worked as a Wall Street financial public relations associate before being abruptly fired. 

“I thought I was rocking it,” she said. “So I was absolutely blindsided. And of course, my boyfriend then broke up with me a week later. And then I didn’t have money to pay the rent on my dream apartment.”

Danial, however, eventually achieved success through his efforts and research. With her Invest Diva platform, she’s now sharing her expertise. 

Upon losing her Wall Street job, she attempted to withdraw funds from her emergency fund. However, she was surprised to discover she could not withdraw funds without incurring penalties. 

“That motivated me to, first of all, learn how to invest on my own, and also motivated me to share my journey with other women who may be in the same position,” she stated.

Source: Kiana Danial – Invest Diva

In order to make money, Danial invested in herself

Danial took steps to rebuild her life after being fired by taking personal finance courses, hiring a business coach, and taking stock trading courses.

Danial has now established multiple revenue streams including book royalties, Invest Diva, speaking engagements, affiliate marketing, consulting fees, and investing dividends. She now shares her wealth of knowledge with others.

“Not everyone can dedicate hours a day to learning about forex, cryptocurrencies, or stocks. But you have to start somewhere,” she said in a blog post last year.

“Above all else, you need a desire to change. Investing is like any other skill and requires practice. Without breaking through the perceptions that hold you back, you won’t be able to keep it going in the long run.”

Kiana Danial Spouse

Matt Tarascio, an Australian rocket scientist, is Danial’s husband. He worked for Lockheed Martin when they married.

According to Danial’s website, the couple married in “Hawaii” – midway between New York and Australia – on Pi Day, March 14, 2015. 

“We cut our wedding cake right at 9:26:53 to honor Pi: 3.141592653,” added Danial.

Kiana Danial Book

In her 2019 book “Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies”, Danial provides “trusted guidance on how to make money trading and investing in the top 200 digital currencies, no matter what the market sentiment.”

Danial also offers a free tip on the Dummies website: 

“Buy the freaking dip. What does that mean? It means that instead of panicking when the prices drop to a dip, it may be the best time for you to buy,” wrote Danial. “Don’t buy when the prices have gone up so much in a short amount of time and the markets are hyped up. Of course, for all your investment decisions, you must analyze the market from different points than just the low price.”