“Kind Soul” Trump Declared “A Gift from God” After Visit to Devastating Maui Fires – Until Footage Exposed as FAKE

Some Republicans on X (Twitter) have decided to share fake videos claiming that Trump visited Maui after the tragic wildfires caused devastation on the island; here’s how we know.

Old Footage Falsely Shared 

Supporters of Donald Trump have caused a stir by sharing old footage to claim the former president visited Maui after recent wildfires.

A social media post on August 16th claimed that Donald Trump and Melania Trump visited Maui in the wake of the wildfires, accompanied by the hashtag #MauiFires.

The viral clip being shared is actually from 2019, when Trump visited Beauregard, Alabama, following a deadly tornado.

The misleading video was propagated by TikTok user @me421 and shared on X (Twitter) before the user later clarified their intention.

“Trump A Kind Soul”

“A few days ago I shared a post about our President Trump. My intention was never to make anyone believe that he was in Maui,” the user insisted.

The account expressed regret if any misunderstanding arose, “My intention was to show what kind of leadership Maui needed. President Trump is a kind soul. His reaction to situations is not emotionless.”

“The power of unity he brings to this country is truly a gift from God,” the user went on to say in a controversial way of justifying their actions.

Despite the user’s apology and removal of the clip, Trump supporters continue to share the misleading video across various social media platforms.

“Why Don’t We See This on the News?”

Another TikTok account, @kaiser_ifa, further propagated the clip with captions supporting Trump’s potential 2024 run, shared on X (Twitter) again by @stevehalilovic, who captioned it, “TRUMP Visits Maui Hawaii, A Real President Truly cares.”

More Trump supporters were in the comments of the TikTok video that has been viewed over 200,000 times, with one saying, “Does it for America, not for publicity. Just beautiful to be a witness to. Trump 2024.”

Some comments expressed gratitude for Trump’s “visit,” “Why don’t we see this on the news?” One confused user said.

Fuelling the Fake News

The true origin of the clip lies in a video titled “Trump visits tornado-ravaged town in Alabama,” which can be found on The Associated Press’ YouTube channel.

On August 14th, Trump expressed sympathy for wildfire victims through a video on Truth Social but did not physically visit the site, which has now been manipulated to fuel the fake news.

Trump accused President Biden of being “disgraceful” and neglecting to address the “tragedy in Maui.”

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