King Aminpour Net Worth, Profession, Law Firm (Updated)

How much money does King Aminpour have? It’s hard not to wonder how rich the lawyer must be with donations worth 1 million meals per year to needy families.

Among socialites, his net worth attracts attention since he is one of the most successful lawyers in the United States.

NameKing Aminpour
Firm Name Amnipour and Associates
ProfessionCar Accident Attorney
King Aminpour Net Worth$800 million (Last Updated 2022)

King Aminpour Net Worth

Since King Aminpour does not openly discuss his financial earnings, it is quite difficult to estimate his net worth.

It is true, however, that he earns a good living as a car accident attorney. The one-million meals he donates to those in need in San Diego each year is a testament to his wealth.

King Aminpour’s bio is similar, since his bio and net worth are seldom disclosed. Despite this, there is news that his net worth is $800 million.

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It doesn’t come as a shock since Aminpour is not only an accomplished lawyer but also a savvy businessperson and a talented chef. The Food Network has even aired his own cooking show. He also invests in a number of industries to build his fortune.

Because no personal information is available, no one knows Aminpour’s age. It is thought that he is around 45 to 55 years old, lives in California, and is an American.

When Aminpour was 11 years old, he started college and completed law school at the age of 19. When he graduated from law school, he was the youngest attorney in the country. 

Aminpour and Associates

Aminpour founded his law firm ‘Amnipour and Associates’ after graduating from law school. His firm King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer was established in 2006.

The experienced lawyer, Aminpour has been helping victims of car accidents to recover their money and get justice since 1996.

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In total, Aminpour has represented over 17,000 people over the past two decades.

Moreover, Aminpour’s law firm is estimated to have recovered over $100 million for its clients.

To grow his firm, he has the support of a team of professionals. Among his team members are Auri Aminpour, Chelsea Grover, Ashraf Dugum, and Michael VanGalio.

As a successful businessman and philanthropist, King Aminpour is an ideal role model.

He has inspired so many people with his kindness and dedication toward his clients. Furthermore, Aminpour is highly active in the community.

People voted Aminpour the number 1 personal injury lawyer due to his accomplishments in both business and philanthropy.

Incredibly, he has been re-elected for over five years. The net worth of King Aminpour is evident, especially in light of all he has accomplished so far.