“Kiss-Gate”: She’s “Lying” – Spanish Football Coach Insists Victory Kiss Was Not Stolen – Spanish Government Weighs In

After the Spanish Women’s team won the World Cup, the Spanish Footballing president kissed a player on the lips, allegedly without consent, a shocking situation that just got worse and worse as the world calls for his resignation.

The Kiss

In a twist that has sent shockwaves throughout the footballing world, a Spanish official decided to kiss Spanish Women’s player Jennifer Hermoso on the lips without her consent after the women won the World Cup.

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Association (FA), also went on to grab his crotch in a shocking moment captured on video while the team was celebrating their World Cup win.

The player in question has since called out Rubiales for his despicable actions, saying she “Did not enjoy that.”

The Spanish government urged Luis Rubiales to resign after the scandal, and he didn’t take kindly to those comments.

Coaching Staff Resigned, He Didn’t

Luis Rubiales has accused the player of “lying” about consenting to the kiss despite video evidence of his shocking and inappropriate behavior going viral.

Luis Rubiales maintained a defiant stance. Despite widespread calls for his resignation, Rubiales adamantly refused to step down. 

The situation took a dramatic turn when the entire Spain coaching staff submitted their resignations. 

Spain’s Football Association (FA) has taken an audacious step by urging UEFA to consider expelling Real Madrid and Barcelona from European competitions, all due to the controversial Luis Rubiales scandal. 

Government Intervenes in “Kiss-Gate”

The Spanish government’s intervention in the World Cup ‘kiss-gate’ saga was the catalyst for this unprecedented move. 

This scandal saw Luis Rubiales, an official with a £214,000-a-year position, kiss Spain star Jennifer Hermoso on the lips without her consent. 

The fallout from this incident has sparked a crisis that has now endangered the cherished Champions League spots of Real Madrid and Barcelona, in a shocking move that sees the Spanish FA wanting out of UEFA competitions.

UEFA, the governing body of European football, now holds the fate of these iconic clubs in its hands.

Expulsion Request

If the expulsion request is granted, it would not only jeopardize the participation of Real Madrid and Barcelona but also cast a dark cloud over the entirety of Spanish football.

If the expulsion request is approved, it would have a domino effect, leading to the exclusion of all Spanish clubs from various UEFA competitions. 

Andreu Camps, the chief of the Spanish FA, played a pivotal role in this unfolding drama. Camps’ outspoken criticism of the Spanish government’s involvement in the Rubiales scandal added fuel to the fire. 

The escalating drama prompted the RFEF to call an “urgent and extraordinary” meeting.

Women Players Union Stood in Solidarity

This meeting aimed to address the rapidly deteriorating situation involving Rubiales. 

The global football governing body, FIFA, entered the fray by launching disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales, suspending him from further international and national footballing activities.

The women’s players’ union, FUTPRO, stood in solidarity with Jennifer Hermoso, standing up against sexual violence.

Rubiales’ mother took the shocking decision to lock herself inside a church and embark on a hunger strike to protest her son’s treatment, calling it “inhumane.” 

Should Rubiales resign after his shocking actions? Let us know your thoughts by adding a comment.

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