Korean Air’s Latest Stunt… Weighing Passengers Before Boarding! Invasion of Privacy or Necessary Safety Measure?

In a noteworthy move, Korean Air has introduced a pioneering procedure that involves weighing passengers prior to their boarding as a part of what they term a “temporary safety measure.” 

“Korean Air Will Be Measuring the Average Weight of Passengers Along With Their Carry-on Items for Flight Safety”

Prominently featured on its website, the airline’s announcement originally read, “Korean Air will be measuring the average weight of passengers along with their carry-on items for flight safety.”

This deliberate step taken by the airline shows its commitment to adhering to local aviation regulations, a detail reported by none other than USA Today.

However, as of the latest perusal, the specific webpage containing this crucial information seems to have encountered an issue, displaying the standard “page not found” error upon access attempts.

Behind this unusual procedure lies a compelling reason – compliance with the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport’s aviation branch.

Regulatory Body Mandates Airlines Evaluate Standardized Weights of Passengers

This regulatory body mandates that airlines evaluate standardized weights of passengers, encompassing not just their physical mass but also factoring in their carry-on possessions, as elegantly detailed by Korea JoongAng Daily.

The implementation of this procedure, overseen by Korean Air staff, is scheduled to transpire in two phases. The process will occur from August 28 to September 6 for domestic flights originating from Gimpo Airport.

Subsequently, this endeavor will be extended to Incheon International Airport, where it will be conducted between September 8 and 16.

‘Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards’

To elucidate the rationale behind this novel move, Korean Air provided a statement to USA Today, saying, “Korean Air will weigh passengers along with other airlines in Korea to provide data required by Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) to update its ‘Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards.'”

This initiative dovetails with the stipulations set forth by the ministry, which necessitates periodic recalibrations of the standard passenger weight, a critical factor in the meticulous weight distribution calculation on flights.

An airline representative shared additional insights with Korea JoongAng Daily, emphasizing, “Korean Air passengers will be asked to step on scales with their carried-on items at each boarding gate.”

For Survey and Data-Gathering Purposes

The representative emphasized that this data collection process will guarantee anonymity for passengers and is earmarked primarily for survey and data-gathering purposes.

It’s important to note that this procedure is designed to ensure that passengers’ weights do not correlate with fare adjustments, assuring travelers that the intention here is purely related to operational enhancement and regulatory compliance.

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