Landlords’ Tasteless Party to Celebrate Reinstated Rights to Evict Tenants Causes Disgust and Leads to Violent Altercation

In an explosive collision, Berkeley’s Freehouse taproom, located conveniently adjacent to the UC Berkeley campus, became ground zero for violent confrontations between landlords and protestors this past week. Here’s why.

A Controversial Celebration

The controversy, however, wasn’t spurred by any ordinary gathering.

The Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA) had decided to host a party named “Fall Social Mixer: Celebrating the End of the Eviction Moratorium.”

This event was designed to mark the end of a three-year-long eviction ban, set in place at the pandemic’s commencement in March 2020.

Renters Exploiting the System

It wasn’t just the end of this protective measure for tenants that the BPOA was toasting, but what they felt was the end of renters exploiting the system.

BPOA’s president, Krista Gulbransen, spoke candidly, stating, “We are celebrating the end of the tenants who could have paid rent and chose not to.”

Such claims have been challenged fiercely. Leah Simon-Weisberg, Berkeley’s Rent Stabilization Board chair, countered Gulbransen’s narrative.

She labeled the allegations of tenants maliciously abstaining from rent as “nonsense,” emphasizing the lack of any substantial evidence BPOA could provide.

Untimely Celebrations 

Like many others, Simon-Weisberg found the celebration choice particularly untimely and unsettling, especially as the community experiences a resurgence in COVID-19 cases.

To her, the party felt like a slap in the face to those facing the threat of homelessness amidst a global health crisis.

She added, “Most landlords were very generous and patient and really worked to help tenants” throughout the pandemic’s harshest days.

One critic said the party was “one of the most tasteless events I’ve ever heard of.”

Protestors vs Partygoers

Beneath the flashing lights and clinking glasses inside Freehouse, outside, a storm was brewing.

Local protests lined Bancroft Way, uniting voices chanted: “See our might, see our power, landlords get no happy hour.”

However, the boundary separating the two groups quickly disintegrated. Within an hour of the commencement of the cocktail party, protestors had invaded the premises.

A chaotic flurry followed, with members from both sides involved in physical fights. One witness described how he saw a male BPOA member assaulting a female protestor.

The Aftermath

While the confrontations were swift, their reverberations lingered.

Protestors vacated the venue soon after the chaos began, leaving behind a shaken gathering and a community in turmoil.

In the aftermath, the BPOA released a statement condemning the protest. The association expressed its dissatisfaction with both the city of Berkeley and the Berkeley Police Department’s response.

Police Response

Their statement read, “We condemn the actions of hostile dissidents who disrupted a private gathering at a local restaurant to intimidate, harass, and physically assault our members who are law-abiding small business owners.”

Such confrontations bring into sharp relief the longstanding housing issues plaguing the Bay Area.

The incident underscores the complexities surrounding housing and tenant-landlord relationships in the region, emphasizing the need for open dialogue and understanding in the community.

Ongoing Debates Around Property Ownership

It also throws into sharp relief the ongoing debates surrounding tenant rights and property ownership in a post-pandemic landscape.

The events in Berkeley are a testament to the varied perspectives that exist, emphasizing the importance of collaborative solutions in addressing ongoing challenges in housing and beyond.

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