“Landmark Legal Victory” After “Her Daughter’s Phony Trans Identity Kept Secret” by School – Parents Insist “They Can’t Ignore Us Anymore”

A mom from California is speaking out after she said a California school district “socially transitioned” her daughter into a boy without her knowledge. Here’s the full story. 

“Socially Transitioning” Her Daughter

Jessica Konen has an 11-year-old daughter in the Spreckels Union School District in California. 

She sued the school district for “socially transitioning” her daughter into a boy without her knowledge or consent.

Konen’s daughter, Alicia, was told by her middle school that she may be upset because she didn’t know who she “truly was inside.”

Buena Vista Middle School allowed the  to use the boys’ restroom as well as male pronouns while in class. Her mom had no idea. 

Konen claimed the teachers at the middle school “encouraged” her daughter “to think she was a trans boy” while she was at school in 2019.

Return of “Her Old Self”

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Alicia was learning remotely, her mom said she “returned to her female persona.”

Konen said her daughter “found distance learning difficult,” but there was a “silver lining” in the whole situation. 

Once her daughter “was no longer under the clutches” of her teachers, she returned “to her old self.”

After discovering the school was at fault, Konen filed a lawsuit against the school and two of the teachers. 

Konen claimed, “they kept her daughter’s phony trans identity secret from her and hid that she had been having suicidal thoughts.”

Lawsuits Over Trans Kids 

Konen won a “landmark legal victory” against the school district. The district refused to admit fault in the situation, but the lawsuit was settled for $100,000.

Critics say that Konen’s victory in court “marks an important moment” in the debate over parental rights in school settings. 

There are several school districts in California that are fighting with the state about the rights of trans kids as well as their parents. 

California’s attorney general sued a school district in southern California over its new policy that requires the school to notify parents if a child changes their gender identification or pronouns. 

 A “Safe Haven”

Attorney General Rob Bonta said policies like this will “forcibly out transgender students and threaten their well-being.”

Bonta argued that school is the only “safe haven” for “far too many transgender children and gender nonconforming youth.” 

He said these children need somewhere other than their home where they can “find validation, safety, and privacy,” and he is fighting to protect that. 

Bonta claims the policy “discriminates against the students and violates the state’s constitution’s requirement of equal protection for all.” 

“We Don’t Coparent With the Government.”

The school district says parents have a right to know the decisions their children are making while at school. 

The policies and rulings in California have sparked heated debates from both sides. 

Parents on X, formerly known as Twitter, were outraged by what’s happening in California schools. One parent said, “We don’t coparent with the government.” 

Jeff posted a comment that said, “Schools shouldn’t have any role in this at all. They shouldn’t be safe places…they should simply stick to education. Period.”

“Not the Property of Their Parents”

One X user posted an opposing view that was in agreement with keeping students’ information private. 

Virgil said, “Kids are not the property of their parents and if they haven’t come out to them, there’s usually a good reason.”

Virgil also said if the schools are required to share everything with parents, it “endangers” those kids who aren’t accepted by their families. 

California parents are speaking up and speaking out for their rights. Erin Friday, an attorney and co-leader of a pro-family nonprofit organization, said in a speech, “We need more and more people to speak up until they can’t ignore us anymore.”

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