“These Guys Are Getting Lapped by Trump” – Surrogate Extraordinaire: Gavin Newsom Takes the Lead for Biden

California Governor Gavin Newsom has emerged as a key player in President Biden’s reelection campaign, taking on the role of the president’s chief defender and leader of the Democratic offense. 

Focussing On Economic Growth 

While Newsom had previously been a vocal critic of the National Democratic Party’s approach, his current role signifies a significant shift in his political trajectory.

Newsom’s journey from being a rogue agitator who criticized national Democrats for their lack of a game plan against Republicans to a team player supporting Biden demonstrates the evolving dynamics within the Democratic Party. 

His task involves rebutting GOP narratives about President Biden’s leadership by emphasizing the country’s economic growth over the last three years. 

“Getting Lapped by Donald Trump”

“This is maybe a vice presidential debate. These guys are getting lapped by Donald Trump. It’s not even close. It’s not even interesting,” Newsom said before the debate.

“I enjoy defending our values and freedom. I enjoy defending democracy. I enjoy exposing the hypocrisy of the other side, that claims freedom and yet they’re denying young women the right to reproductive care,” Newsom added.

This strategy allows Biden to leverage Newsom’s strength as an unabashed advocate for Democratic values and may also serve to quell speculation about Newsom’s potential presidential aspirations in 2024.

Presidential Surrogate 

Newsom’s consistent support for the president includes participating in interviews, defending Biden’s policies on national news shows, and actively engaging with Republican opponents. 

His performance in these roles has boosted his credibility and effectiveness as a surrogate for the president.

Newsom’s recent proposal for a one-on-one debate with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, scheduled for late November, provides him with another platform to reinforce his support for President Biden and challenge DeSantis on a national stage. 

Defending a Progressive Worldview 

This opportunity allows Newsom to demonstrate how to vigorously defend a progressive worldview and bolster the president’s reelection campaign.

In addition to defending Biden’s record, Newsom has actively sought to define DeSantis to voters as a right-wing “bully” who opposes abortion, immigration, and LGBTQ+ rights. 

By highlighting DeSantis’s declining poll numbers, Newsom aims to undermine his credibility as a presidential contender and draw attention to potential weaknesses in the Florida governor’s leadership.

Promoting Biden

Newsom’s role as a surrogate for Biden has been well-received within the Democratic Party. 

He has been commended for his fundraising efforts, media appearances, and ability to convey the benefits of federal legislation to voters. 

Newsom’s support has been instrumental in promoting President Biden’s achievements and the stakes of the upcoming election.

They Already Know How Old He Is

While some observers speculate that Newsom’s active involvement in national politics could inadvertently draw attention to President Biden’s age, most voters are already aware of the president’s age. 

Newsom’s continued engagement in the campaign keeps him in the spotlight and positions him as a potential future leader within the Democratic Party.

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