Larry Hoover Net Worth 2022 ; Biography, Wiki (Updated)

Among the most famous gang leaders in the United States is Larry Hoover. Chicago street gang The Gangster Disciples is founded by Larry. For murdering William Young, he received 150 to 200 years in prison. He’s currently in Florence, Colorado’s ADX Florence prison incarcerated for six life sentences.

Full name   Larry Hoover
Date of BirthNovember 30, 1950
Age72 years old (as of 2022)
Place of birthJackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight89 kg
ProfessionGang Leader
Country of originAmerican
SpouseWinndye Jenkins
Larry Hoover Net Worth$10 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Larry Hoover Net Worth

It is estimated that Larry Hoover’s net worth at  $10 million USD as of 2022. 

His whole life has been spent as a criminal and gangster.  Larry made a living doing criminal work before he got arrested. Additionally, he was a drug dealer and a gang leader. 

Larry Hoover Biography 

Larry Hoover was born on November 30, 1950, in Jackson, Mississippi, the U.S. He is currently 72 years old. At the age of four, he moved with his family to Chicago, Illinois.

Larry was a part of criminal activity when he was 12 years old. Muggings and thefts were a few of the crimes he committed with his friends.

“Supreme Gangsters” is what he called the gang he formed with locals. Some time later, he took over as leader.

Larry Hoover Education and Family

There is no information about Larry’s educational qualifications available at this time. It appears that Larry has a good education.

As of right now, we have been unable to locate Larry’s parents from our research. Larry is behind bars. The identity of his parents has not been revealed. 

Larry Hoover, the gangster 

Larry Hoover was a criminal, gangster, and gang leader in the United States. Gangster Disciples is a Chicago street gang he co founded. He’s done a lot of criminal things and evil stuff. 

This has resulted in Larry Hoover spending the rest of his life in prison. His criminal enterprise included extortion, murder, and conspiracy.

During 1973, Larry was convicted of committing the murder of William Yong. William Young, a 19-year-old drug dealer from the neighborhood, was shot and killed by Andrew Howard on February 26, 1973.  According to reports, Larry ordered William Young’s murder. It was on April 16th, 1973, that Andrew Howard, William Young’s killer, and Larry were arrested.

In November 1973, Andrew Howard and Larry were both convicted of murder for which they were both sentenced to between 150 and 200 years in prison.  Larry received a life sentence for his multiple criminal activities. 

The charges against Larry were all found to be true in 1997, however. It has been reported that Larry is incarcerated at Florence ADX prison, where he is serving six life sentences for the crimes he committed. The working life of Larry has been filled with bad work.

Larry Hoover’s Appeal Denied

Larry unsuccessfully appealed for release or to be transferred to a prison with a lower level of security. As a prisoner, he is kept in solitary confinement in “complete isolation.”

His appeal was rejected by Judge Harry in July and he was considered one of Illinois’ worst criminals. Moreover, if Larry were released, the judge expressed concern about “an active risk of haram.”

Larry Hoover Personal Life

Besides being a married man, Larry Hoover is also a father. Winndye Jenkins was his wife. A child was born to them, Larry Hoover, Jr. 

Also, Tyree Hoover and Larry Bernard were his kids from other relationships. Bertha Mosby was his former girlfriend.

Interesting Facts 

  • Growth and Development was a positive front created to conceal his illegal activities.
  • Rick Ross referred to him in his song B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast).

Larry Hoover Weight, Height, and Age

The age of Larry Hoover in 2022 will be 72. Larry Hoover stands 6 feet 1 inch tall. The weight of the man is 89 kilograms.